Partial fail

This morning I was planning to do a straight 30 minute run to the week 9 podcast. I've done it 3 times before so it should have been straightforward, right?

In case you haven't been following my blogs (or don't remember which ones were mine) I'll just remind you about my tight calves. This morning I had trouble walking downstairs because of them. I actually did some stretches before I put my running gear on. But I've run before when I've had trouble walking down the stairs, so I figured I'd just get out and go for it.

I set out at what I thought was a similar pace to my graduation run on Friday, but I covered an extra 100m in the first 5 minutes. Got my calculator out when I got home and worked out that I set out at 10.2km/h which is rather faster than the 9km/h I did on Friday. But don't worry, I did get slower!! Obviously, I couldn't maintain that sort of pace (I would have covered 5.1K in 30 mins at that rate and my Race For Life time was 35½mins!!) but I was determined to keep going. And I kept going for over 25 minutes but when I got to 9 times round the rec (4.05km) I had to stop. My left calf, in particular, was just really really tight, but I felt exhausted.

As I was berating myself for only running for about 26mins I remembered what an amazing achievement it had been to run for a straight 25 mins at the end of week 6. And I've still had a run, and it will have done me good. I have 'phoned and left a message with a sports massage person, so I'm hoping to get some work done on my calves. Don't want to use that as an excuse, however.

Will try again on Thursday to run for 30mins and see if I can set my pace a bit better this time.


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11 Replies

  • How can running over 25 minutes be a fail you got out there and did it even when your legs were sore what an achievement .

  • You have to listen to your body ... better to stop when your calf is tight than when it is damaged. 25 min is not a fail!

  • I think its a post grad glich, its probably to remind us that we are still humans (and not quite running machines) and will have good and bad days. Last night I only managed 15 mins and then walked and jogged the next 10 and ran final 5. Have I suddenly gone back a few weeks?Again we should be proud of what weve achieved and it wont stop me going out again and I sure it wont stop you either! Another positive is at least you didnt feel sick I hope!

  • I was starting to feel a bit sick but I didn't have any wretching this time...

  • Well done. Running, especially in difficult circumstances, for 26 minutes is an achievement, and is way better than not running at all. One of those 'bad run' days. There'll be a 'good run' day to balance it out. :) I hope you can sort out your calf problems soon. Let us know how it goes.

  • Thanks everyone. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, having read some other blogs about people pushing themselves to carry on when they felt like giving up and I wondered if I should have kept going but I really didn't feel I had it in me.

    Still not had a call back from the sports massage guy. Might ring round some others...

  • Well done for getting out there with those tight calves.

    I suffered recently with the calf tightness (also did at the beginning too) and I've bought a foam roller..... Absolutely fantastic product!! I've used it regularly for a few weeks now and the tightness is gone! Initially it was incredibly painful to do but it got easier over time.

    I also took a week off to make sure my legs were fully rested.

    I'm no professional but In my experience the foam rollers work :)

  • Can you point me to a link, please? I'm not sure I entirely know what you're talking about...

  • I haven't got a link. Google foam rollers or look on amazon or eBay


    I'm not sure if the link will work, I'm not very good with technology on my iPhone :(

  • Thanks, it does work! :-)

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