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Big Fat Whinge coming up .....look away now !

Well I did R1 of Week7 this morning and it was a slog all the way.I yawned my way through the warmup walk,made the mistake of looking at my watch towards the end of it and just could not imagine how the hell I was going to run for 25minutes.

Two minutes into the run and my calves felt tight( not happened before) a few minutes later my left ankle was twingey,then my lower back started seemed like every part of me was taking it in turn to complain.Around about 10 minutes in or it might have been at the halfway point,Laura chimes in with something about how I should now have found a "nice,steady rhythm".....yeah right, she got a bit of lip from me then.

It took until twenty minutes in before I got into any kind of rhythm and though I quite enjoyed the last few minutes ( they seemed to fly by) I got no buzz from it today .

Just me and a bad run, I suppose. I know from reading everyone's blogs that it happens and sometimes just out of the blue with no rhyme or reason. I did feel that I breezed through Week 6 -and the 25 minutes of R3 posed no probs whatsoever.

I suppose I had similar expectations for today,as I'd managed it without any trouble on Friday.

I'll just put that one behind me ,get back out on Wednesday and hope my heads in a better place.

Just in case this does read as one big fat whinge,I'd like to add it was a perfect morning,weather wise .....mornings and nights have cooled down considerably lately ,it even looked and felt a bit autumnal a few mornings last week,God forbid,we're not even halfway through August ! .....and at the halfway point ,just as I turn to come back,I was rewarded by the sight of a field of late sunflowers,next to the track,just starting to open,that I hadn't even noticed were there before :)

Well, I've not been on here for a few days so I'm going to have a cuppa now and catch up with some of your blogs/posts...they never fail to inspire .

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Well Carole hold your head up high, you not only kept going through all those aches and pains but you finished the run too, well done. You know it was such a hard run cos I think you had a passenger on board, demon monkey was sitting on your shoulder by the sound of things and that demon has been the ruination of many a run. So hand clapping going on here, I'm impressed, well done you, I'll bet the next run will be one of your best to date, good luck.


Thankyou,Oldgirl, made me smile( not easy today !) The demon I can picture that evil,wizened little face of his as he was muttering stuff to make me doubt my ability to run and telling me I had all those niggling aches and pains.I'll kick the little demon into touch next time I find him sitting there...thanks to you :) Thanks for taking time to reply to my BFW and for your support .


Hello, im about to do w7d1 tonight. I had this issue w6d2... My calves were hurty within 3 minutes and didnt seem to ease until halfway throgh the 2nd run, i blamed my boyfriend for rucnnig to fast for me... But really it wasnt that is was a standard BAD RUN. Youre exactly right, have a days rest and on your next youll be back with a vengance and feel more determined to enjoy it! Dont be too pissd with yourself, youve got this far and clearly you know thw right mental attitude you need, hope you feel better for your (minor!) rant. Good luck xx


Hey frogg, thanks for that and your support....much appreciated .

Good luck with tonight's's good to know who's at the same stage as me...shall we compare notes ? :)


Sure! Just message me. Just got home from work, ate a crumpet and trying to muster up the will to put my trainers on! (You're supposed to but i HATE running on an empty stomach)


Wow, you're already on Week 7! I'm amazed you managed to get through the run with those aches and pains. I guess we all have a bad one (or more!) every now and then, the main thing is to shrug it off, rest well and go on to the next run. Best of luck with it :-)


Hi squaremum,yes W7 already .....can hardly believe it. I didn't post last week at all, but W6 was ok for me and particularly R3 ,so I suppose I was expecting today to be the same. Just shows that a bad run can pop up anytime.

Yes, I'm over it now and starting to look forward to R2 on Wednesday .Thanks for your support as always :)


Well done for persevering and getting through to the end. Wk7/R1 was my worst ever run. I'd felt so confident too after doing it in wk 6. As Laura says the runs can fe a bit relentless now but just keep plugging away at them because you will be gaining strength and stamina. Good luck


Thanks Mazz -yes ,it's strange after W6 R3 and was a bit unexpected.There have been runs I've dreaded beforehand which turned out fine,just shows you never know when a 'bad ' one will strike ! Thanks for taking the time to comment...I will keep plugging away :)


Hi Carolecal - sorry to hear you had a bad run but remember they happen to everyone, even Paula Radcliffe has had some shockers!

I personally found that around week 6/7 I had to increase my warm up walk to about 10 minutes to avoid tight calves and feeling tired. When doing the podcasts, I just set out for 5 minutes with my own or no music before switching on to the podcast warm up. It worked a treat and I always warm up for 10 minutes now.


Hi Newbs,that's great advice -I'll give it a try next time.Thanks for your support.


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