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I am a runner! And it's official - because Laura told me I am!

And it made me smile all day long! Had to go out very early this morning before driving down to Chepstow for another funeral. It was lovely to meet up with my whole family and all the girls noticed my better shape. How come though? because I still weigh the same. Anyway W6R3 this morning = 25 minutes non stop running. Managed to do all of it just fine. And then Laura tells me I am now a runner, it's official. Made me smile! Week 7 starts on Sunday. I am amazed to be this far down the road and I am beginning to look forward to running at last! (I did feel very woozy and light headed towards the end so my end pace was jolly SLOW! - Put it down to the heat)

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Well done! My weight has actually increased by about 2-3 ilbs which isn't what i wanted to see, but my clothes don't feel at a stretch. Off out on w6r2 now so am not far behind you :)


Yay Beek! Well done. Onward and upward you'll soon be there with the hard earned once beautifully shiny now grey and drab badge to prove it.


Well done, runner Beek!!

It is sad that funerals bring people together at sad times, but even so it is nice to catch up with people you don't see regularly...

Glad you are enjoying your running, soon will be graduation time! :-)


Well done! You have overtaken me again! Planning to do W6R3 this week. You are a runner!


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