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Starting week 8.....terrible run. Anyone else feeling knackered!

Terrible run today. I should have started week 8 yesterday but to be honest I just couldn't cope with the heat and unfortunately couldn't run in the evening because of other commitments . Feeling a bit frustrated and not wanting to get behind in the programme I decided to go and run this afternoon. BIG mistake.....I have just confirmed what I already knew that sunshine and me do not go well together. I struggled today,more than I expected to. Oh boy did I struggle. To make matters worse i lost Laura 5 mins into the run. Luckily I have started to use the run keeper app so was able to keep track of my time,but somehow without music and Laura's encouragement I felt strangely lost. All my self doubts returned with a vengeance and I could hear my nagging inner voice telling me that I CAN'T do this. Disappointing because I thought I had learnt to control that negative side of me. Anyway the long and the short of it was that I did manage to keep going ....just, but it didn't feel good. And I'm ashamed to say that I didn't quite manage 28 mins.i was 90 secs short.....poop! I won't be running in the sun again. Definitely not!

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I sympathise. Just finished week 8 yesterday and it was sooo tough running at 6pm.

Mrs A_M couldn't sleep in the heat so did W8R2 at 5.30 this morning. She saw one car, lots of disgruntled-looking rabbits and enjoyed a great run in temps of 16 degrees (remember that ?). So assuming we wake up early on Saturday, that's what we'll be doing. It simply doesn't cool down enough in the evenings.

My other tips : to take plenty of water and throw it over your head every KM. And now is the time to rin 3 times a week not every other day, in case you're not doing that already. Two days off is going to make all the difference I'm convinced.

Keep going !



Thanks for the reply mikey. I have calmed down now. Think I was just so disappointed . Its the first time I have felt defeated on a run . I don't think a can do the really early mornings, but I shall definitely give it another next time but go later in the evening. I shall probably have to strap a bicycle lamp on my forehead so I can see where I am

Well done to you and Mrs mikey for completing wk8 run2 and I think its good advice to enjoy two days off ,as after today i have a niggley ache in my hip joint which doesnt bode well.

Enjoy your early sat morning run,i shall think of you both whilst I am still tucked up in bed.


Glad it is not only me with this feeling. I can't get the motivation because I know I will be so hot. I am waiting to go out tonight but will need to wait until about 9.30. Can't say I am looking forward to it. 25 minutes seems an awful long time at the moment.


You just started the programme at the wrong time of year - don't be too hard on yourselves! I read somewhere that work productivity drops by a few percent for every degree above I-forget-what-temperature - mid 20s I think. It's not surprising the running is so tough. :)


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