Couch to 5K

Groin Strain!!!!!!

Last Thursday week I came back from my usual 30 min morning run with a bit of an ache. By lunch time I was in agony and couldn't walk by the following day!

I know that rest is the best relief so I took a week off exercise altogether.

I went for a little run on Monday ( I did a week 2 ) and although a bit of a niggle was there at the end, I felt fine. So today I thought I'd be O.K. I ran for 15 mins and realised maybe that was enough so began the return walk home. It took me ages to get home. The pain was back! I am not in as much agony as I was the first time but I am really bothered about when I will be able to go out for a "proper" run again. This is so frustrating!!! Help.


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