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W6R1 pant pant pant!

Ok well after the elation of completing the 20 min run I thought getting back to running 5/8 mins would be a cinch, ermmmmm nope, found it quite gruelling today.

Had a few beers the night of my 20 min run and tbh I'm no drinker these days and it usually takes me a couple of days just to recover, add to that a little boy waking me up at 2 in the morn by pulling my hair and kicking me in the back as he was hungry and I guess I was just plain tired.

It's very close today, very warm and it played havoc with my breathing. Didn't seem to be able to relax into the run, but I did it and even run a little further than the program as my calf muscle still feels a little tight after waking with agonising cramp two nights ago. the running seemed to help mostly with a little twinge here and there.

So, back down with a bump and the work continues. feeling really good about it though and I know even a bad run is good for me.

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