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I feel the need... the need for speed

Excuse the Top Gun quote, but last week I tried out the C25K+ speed podcast and, like Oldgirl, fell instantly in love with it. Did I manage it all? Certainly not. In fact I had to walk twice. But it was so much fun, and when I was doing the fast bits, I really was going pretty quickly. The man that I kept catching up, overtaking, and then falling behind again, was most confused.

On another note I have missed you all! I've had a lot of trouble getting onto the new site so I'm very glad to see it's up and holding steady. I was NOT enjoying life without this forum.

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Love the one and only tag....says it all doesn't it??!!


There were LOTS of other tags that I removed :-) I can't remember them all but one was 'confused'. Wasn't sure how that added much value really!


What is this podcast as it sounds interesting. It is on this site?


Eve it's on the main couch to 5k page -

I can't find a direct link but on the right there's an orange image saying '5k+ running podcasts' and its one of those.


I like speed too. Which is funny because I have real trouble keeping up with Stepping Stones and can't even think of Stamina. Maybe I'm more of a sprinter? Intervals are meant to be very good for your overall fitness and I like the fact you don't have to be out running for 30+ mins to feel like you've had a good workout.


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