Super Speed!

Went out for my early morning run with the dog at 5.30. Was dark and chilly. I have been deliberately keeping my mileage down around 3-5k so as not to overtax my foot. Only did 3.1k today, but to my surprise when I got home, had done it in 13' 45"... I was aware that I was running fairly fast by my standards but was not hammering it at interval pace. Am v . astonished and pleased with that time. If I kept that up for a full 5k itwould be sub 23 minutes.

Maybe there is something to be said for this short distance business after all.

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  • Wow, that's impressive Rig in all sorts of ways -I'm only just out of bed !

  • That bears out my belief that if you want a PB, at shorter distances anyway, then don't run much and have plenty of rest.

  • zzzzzvvvvvvtttt!

    was that you whizzing by there Rignold?!

    Awesome :)

    were you trying to be superfast?

  • Wow that's super speedy Rig. I ran with Rico this morning and after warm up walk (doggy stops) run and cool down 4k was 31 mins. 2 stops to get Rico back after he chased the scent of deer. No way Rico could keep up with you. Well done

  • That's fast! I can't remember the last time I saw 530 in the morning so well done on this achievement too!

  • That's a great pace! And fab' that you weren't even needing to go all-out to make it.

    I was "forced" to try a faster 5k this weekend - shamefully I feel that I should be able to keep up with a friend's 8-year old, who is currently doing Parkrun in 25 mins! I did manage 22:45 for 5k, which I was pretty chuffed with, but I couldn't say it was no effort!

    Hope your foot keeps improving.


  • Very impressive!!!

  • Fast 3 k's are fab ! Over and done with quick and you can crack on with the rest of your day. I picked those up from myasics plan. Hard work while you're doing them but they're soon over. A bit like nasty medicine!

    Take care!

  • That is super speedy. Well impressive

  • Did the dog feel cheated?

  • wow that is very impressive, and at that early hour too... well done!!

  • Great ☺

    I'm sure it was Miss Wobble that recommended a fast 3k for speed training too.

    Take care of that foot!

  • Ah yes - just read above! I remembered correctly ☺

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