I tried Laura's Speed!

As it was hot I wasn't too keen on doing so much today so decided to try Speed as it was a lot shorter. As an older runner I tend to do around 12-11 min miles but managed to speed up to around 10.5 min miles. The run was short and sweet shall we say as it only lasted 16 minutes in total and I only went 1.5 miles but better than not going at all.

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  • Thanks for that. I've yet to try Speed but I found Audiofuel's Pyramid 180 surprisingly accessible on days when I feel I haven't got it in me for a long run - that's 15 minutes and the 'sprints' are very short with lovely, lovely walking 'if you need to' (and I do!) in between. Sounds as though Speed would fit that bill nicely too - and worth people bearing in mind if they haven't got much time.

  • Thanks GoogleMe - will give Pyramid 180 a try too.

  • I tried the speed podcast and was slightly dismayed to find that Laura's slow bits were faster than my usual plod. I did really enjoy running intervals again though so might try some of the early C25K with slow/faster running instead of walking. I haven't tried audiofuel but might now. :-)

  • I agree pingle. It is all much faster than I usually run but can manage to get to the end with this one as it is much shorter. Had to have a few short "cheats" with Stepping Stones and Stamina which strangely go up to the same speeds as Speed!

  • I really enjoyed the Speed podcast too. It's a welcome change from the longer runs and I think doing it once a week will really help build speed during the other two runs.

    GoogleMe - where can I find the Audiofuel Pyramid 180 podcast? It sounds good :-)

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