Couch to 5K

Trying to make a come back!

Well after suffering with Whooping Cough for the last 10 weeks I started to feel well enough to start exercising again. Have never been away for so long :( Did a 5k brisk walk to start with then did a 2.5k brisk walk and 1.5k jog. Had a few coughing fits along the way. Then tried my first 5k run but coughed so much at times I was sick. Had to pause to catch my breath a few times. On Saturday I managed to swim a mile in an hour with no problems. Today I tried a 5k run again, after a few coughing fits and a 2 minute pause half way I finished at 36 mins. I can't believe how much fitness I have lost, it is now a real struggle and I feel a long way from the 10k I achieved in March. Maybe the weather isn't helping my breathing/coughing. I hope to be back with some regular interval training soon and hope to achieve that 10k again in the not too distant future.

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That doesn't sound too bad a come-back at all, especially after that long away and an illness that directly affects your breathing - I bet your legs will pick it back up again pretty soon, once the coughing settles down and the weather is less warm. :)


Hi at least your back thats the main thing and I agree about the weather wont help but keep it up and im sure your be back to 10 km before you know it


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