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A Bridge too far?

I've been reading with interest all the blogs about Bridge to 10k. Whilst I'd like to get upto 10k sometime this year, I'm finding that physically I'm not really ready for this yet. Each 5k run still seems such a struggle, although on a good day recently I did manage 6k.

I suppose I have to look at it realisticly, I'm only a few weeks back from injury and not yet reaching 5k in under 30mins like I was before. I think I'll carry on with 5k 3 times a week until the end of the month and then think about it again.

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Hi betty yeh just take your time and enjoy it, Ed x


Hi Betty -

I'm with you! I was ill over Christmas and not yet back to 5k so although all the folks that graduated around the same time as me are now on the B210k program I'm leaving it for now. I don't like feeling left behind but I think there could be a "second wave" of us maybe starting longer runs once the weather (hopefully) improves. There's no point doing it if you're not ready and you won't have fun.

Stay in touch and good luck with your continued recovery.

Ann xx


Me too , I'm only going to graduate later today. I was thinking of going to go straight into B210k but I think I need to consolidate the 5k for a month or so.

Wouldn't mind being part of that second wave. ;)



You have to do it when you are ready BettyJane so carry on with what you are doing, which is great, then when the time is right that second wave of 2013 B210K will happen I'm sure :)

I was initially just running for the pleasure of it after graduating and didnt really need any structure of sorts to keep me going out there. I wanted to get my 5k down to 30 mins but think that will be a while off so thought why not give this a go and just work on running now for longer, even if I dont get to 10k. Thats the beauty of this, you just can do what suits you but still get all the marvellous encouragement from this site!

Take it gently and you will be fine! :)

Sue x


Hi BettyJane,

Why don't you approach the B210K programme like the c25k one, meaning aim for the time rather than the distance first? I'm sure you can build up to running for 60 minutes regardless of the distance, and then work on the 10k from there? I think (when I eventually start) I'm going to do it that way.

It might be the mental barrier of the distance which is making you think you can't do it. Have a go and see how you get on :) If you hate it, then 5k is still brilliant!


I agree. I am aiming for 60 mins running knowing it wont be 10k as I cant yet do 5k in 30 mins, but increasing the time gradually is doable. I think we get too hung up on distance (though I didnt with the C25K, weird!!) :O




I started b210k last year and found it too much of a challenge for me, I was getting tired & cross with myself and not enjoying running anymore. For me running between 5 & 7k has been right, I feel it was a case of listening to my body. Of course it depends on what your own personal goals are, for me I just want to stay fit and enjoy outdoor exercise. I may well have another go yet if I feel up to the challenge - best wishes to you, enjoy your running whatever you choose to do. :-)


That sounds very sensible, notbad. I shall try and remember that, if/when (the 'if' only there in case of illness/injury) I get to the end of week9 (now in week 5).


Thanks everyone. I think that once the weather warms up in the spring I'll be more able to run for longer. My run on Thursday evening felt especially tough and I put it down to the cold air. Whereas Tuesday's mid-day run was run in T-shirt in 10 degrees. Looking at the stats there was not a lot of difference between the runs, but Tuesdays warmer run (with music) felt a lot better than Thursday's dark, cold evening run (without music). So roll on the spring time.


I graduated in the Summer and have only just started 10k training. I still can't run 5k under 30 mins (last race time 31:51) but I am enjoying running and that's what matters I don't want to be Jessica Ennis.

When you are training you should not be running at your race pace see the training pace calculator below - this has only just clicked with me after reading some books and bits on the web, Phil72 also wrote about it a couple of days ago.

My 10k training is basis around mileage so yesterday I did a 3.5 mile run at my easy run speed which is 4.75 mph (but ended up at about 5 mph) my race speed is 5.75 mph. My training plan has shorter runs of 2 miles which you do nearer to your race speed and adds in some hill work and a long run once a week which you do at your easy run speed. I have a few 3 mile runs in this programme so may throw in a Park Run to see if my race pace is improving. I will keep you posted.

Hope that all makes sense.


Thanks for that. very interesting. I can now see that if I intended to do a Parkrun on Saturday, I should take my mid week runs at a slower pace. I'll give this a try over the next few weeks.


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