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Can I join the B210k party please??!!

Well, after a couple of weeks of reading posts, I decided I should put my hand up also and say I'm back and aiming for 10K!

I graduated last July and continued running until the end of October, getting my distance up to 8k. Then I managed to injure my hip which put me out for three weeks. This was swiftly followed by a nasty virus which went to my chest, so by the time I had battled with illness, loss of motivation,pre-Christmas stress and general laziness, I had had a month of only running about once a week, followed by a month of no running at all!

Decided on 21st Dec to take myself in hand and get back out there! I've been following 'Ease into 10K' which is made by the same people as Bridge to 10K. It's an awsome app which I'd recommend if your not quite up to doing Bridge to 10K as it takes 10 weeks rather than 6, the first 4 of which are shorter intervals. This has been perfect for me because I'd definatly lost some fitness but didn't need to go right back to the start of Couch 25K. Now on week 4 (4x 9min intervals) and really starting to get my groove back :-)

Just want to say, best of luck to all the others who have begun training for 10K this New Year!

Sarah x.

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Welcome to the 2013 B210K group!! :) This looks like a great way to ease into 10k training after a break or if not feeling too confident. I am looking now at one that goes over 9 weeks rather than the 6 but am just seeing which one is best for me and what I feel comfortable with.

6 or 10 weeks - getting to be able to run for 60 mins or 10k, whichever is the goal, will happen so keep with it and keep posting about your progress! :D

Sue x


Yes Sue, I opted for the gentler approach because I think my hip injury back in October may have been a result of upping the distance a little too quickly. It's good that there are so many programs out there to choose from; the difficulty is deciding which one to choose!


Congratulations Sarah!!! Looks like we will have one heck of an awesome Grad party!!! :-) I like the idea that we have our own little 10K class going on. Its really not important which plan we all follow. We all have the same goal of 1 hour continuous running or the 10K distance. :-) Gayle


Hey, there! Welcome on board! There sure are a lot of us now -- isn't that excellent? :-)


Hurrah. One more on the team! Very best of luck Sarah. You know you can do it. I look forward to reading your blog posts. Happy running.


Yay! Welcome to the B210K club :) It's a great time to be doing it, there's loads of us! Good luck with it, and keep us updated on your progress


Wow, our little 10K group is growing everyday!! Welcome to the club, Sarah!!! :-) I love your "easing in" approach!! I think that it is a very wise decision, especially considering that you have been ill and away from consistent running for a while!!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Yay!! more of us doing the 10k. Like people have said before this is going to be one heck of a party!!


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