B210K: A New Level of Torture

I did W2/R1 of B210K yesterday and boy am I finding it tough! I'm wondering if it's meant to be this hard or have I been foolish and moved on too fast?

Even after only doing 2 x 15mins which is less than I usually run for 5k I felt exhausted and really had to push myself to do the last 15 mins at the SLOWEST pace ever, would have been quicker walking.

Week 1 wasn't much better either. 40mins is only a few extra minutes than I had ran previously doing C25k but it just seemed so much more difficult. As soon as I stop for the 1 minute walking intervals my legs feel like they are seizing up and I've been getting a niggling pain in one of my heels but it seems to ease up once I get going again.

On the upside the music is loads better (but Sammy isn't as good as Laura) and my breathing has been amazing after taking the advice to use my emergency inhalor 30mins before run.

I'm feeling a bit distraught about having to do this run twice more this week. Any other B210Kers out there please tell me I'm not alone!


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23 Replies

  • I started B210K this week and I'm finding it tough to say the least! I even found myself getting frustrated at one point at how tough it was!! I will persevere though, simply because I want to be able to run 10k.

    To lighten it up a little I started the 5k park runs on a Saturday and joined the local sweatshop running community on a Thursday. This means I'll only have to torture myself twice a week on the B210K and still get in 4 runs a week and 3 rest days :)

    best of luck to you ;)

  • I'm so glad to hear you are finding it hard too (that sounds horrible sorry!) I was thinking about going along to my local parkrun soon but was still planning on doing the B210k runs 3 times per week. Does that sound like too much? Or perhaps I should build in some cross training,some swimming or yoga. Although to be honest at the moment I savour my rest days so much and the thought of doing more exercise doesn't seem appealing!

    I'm just going to grit my teeth and finish this week and hope I start feeling more enthused soon. Thanks for the support :)

  • I am on week 2 of b210k! I have a question...! I don't know if I am doing it "properly" . I have been doing 3 runs a week since graduation> one "recovery" run of 30-40 minutes, one "speedy" run. (fast run/ jog/ fast run for 30 minutes) and the bridge to 10k for "long" run . Are we meant to do the run 3X a week like the couch to 5k? I have a 10k race in september so have a bit of time..what are your thoughts?

  • Hey I think your plan sounds good, you have until September to build up that distance to 10K so I'm sure that's more than achievable the way you're going about it.

    I'm doing a 10k in June and have literally just given myself enough time (if I manage to stick to the 6 week plan) so that's why I'm going at it full throttle.

  • Hi bonnie, when I did the B210K I stopped doing all the other runs and just concentrated on getting three runs in a week. Yes, do the first week as 3x the same run just as you did for the C25K. Then build up. At about week five you go to three different runs just as you did for the C25K too. By the end you should be running 2x30 mins and then you can join that all up by yourself the following week with no break!!


  • Good luck Rose! Do keep posted as to how you get on with the 10k plan! I am rather daunted at the moment with the longer runs , but as we know from the couch to 5k it will be do-able...:)

  • Hi! Can I ask which programme you are using? And also, how long did you spend consolidating your 30 minute runs before starting? I'm thinking of doing a 10k in September, but want to make sure I give it enough time!

  • SaCl,

    the programme is here: couchto5k.healthunlocked.co...

    I gave Andystev the podcasts which were originally on the B210k facebook site but they were taken off.


  • Also, I did just two weeks consolidating the 5K runs before moving on as I always like to run to a programme!


  • Hi I'm using the same programme as Carole has linked to. I did 4 weeks of consolidating. The programme is 6 weeks long so September should be an achievable goal. :)

  • There are two (probably more) ways of reaching 10k which are approached in different ways. The B210K seems to split the runs up again including walking sections. I didn't like this approach because I found it hard to start running again after a walking break!So I did two runs of 30 minutes a week, and the third (long)run 10% more (33, 36, 40, 44 mins etc) This worked for me, because it consolidated the 30 minutes runs and also gave me a challenge with the longer run, but moving up slowly a few minutes at a time, once a week.

    I don't think that running for 45 minutes (albeit with walking breaks) is a good thing to be doing so soon after finishing C25K. It does of course depend on the individual and fitness level etc etc. I know that other people will reply with a big thumbs up to the plan and it does seem to work for most...but it didn't for me!

    Different things work for different people so don't be afraid of trying out a different/new approach.

  • Hi TJ I am just wondering what music you listened to when you did the above...does Laura do a b210k if not, is she going to do one...do you know of any other music talking podcasts that are out there that are similar to laura...thanks in advance

  • I found the early weeks of B210K so hard! It seemed to get better once it got to doing 2 runs rather than 3 though so hang on in there! I thought it was incredibly tough but now running these longer distances doesn't worry me - it'll get better! Good luck!

  • Hi Kate, thanks for the reassurance I really hope this is the case for me too!

  • i did run1 of the b210k plan that i got from andy of the link put it on and started the warm up but i never heard anyone say start running so after 10 mins of walking i thought well i best start running, then kept a steady for ages and never heard anyone say start walking or anything so i ran for what seemed like ages i just thought well i best just do about 30 mins then stopped the music and started the walk. so i dont know what i was listening to but it didnt seem like a podcast just running music. i havnt even looked at week 2 as didnt want to go on and do run 2

  • Hi Maddy there should be a woman (american) talking at the beginning of the podcasts and then she also tells you when to start running, stop for 1 min walks etc. The talking parts are very low volume compared to the music and I've had trouble hearing her sometimes. Are both sides of your earphones working or are you you turning the volume down quiet low?

    If you want to try again without the podcast week one is: 5min warm up walk, *10 mins running + 1 min walking* repeat x 4 - then 5 min cool down walk.

  • thanks i did my own runs this week so i might try going on to week2 for last 2 runs ans see if i can hear her bettter, yes i had both ear phones working and didnt have it quiet. cant wait for lauras new podcast though Hurry up Laura!!!!!!!!!! we are waiting

  • Hi Maddy :)

    The same thing happened to me when I first did B210K. I couldn't hear the talking at all and after a while I just started running and tried to pause the MP3 player so I could catch up. It ended up synchronised but it took a bit of work! I didn't have this problem with the rest of the weeks though so just make sure you listen really carefully for week 1 :)

    Good luck!

  • I agree with TJ....I find stopping/starting running/walking doesnt suit me at all.

    I've graduated 3 weeks ago and my schedule is:

    Run 1 5k

    Run 2 Week one podcast but running fast when laura says "run" and jogging when she says "walk" which takes 20 minutes and then jog for 10 more to make it up to 30 minutes.(helps with pace)

    Run 3 Long run increasing by half a km each week. Did 7k today!

    In 6 more weeks should be doing 10k.

    Hope that's a help....it suits me :):):)

  • I'm on week 4 of the B210K & don't mind the walking/running part of the podcast at all. Infact I love the walking break, so I can sort out the drinking/pants-adjusting/nose-blowing problems before I start running again!

    I do the podcast twice a week and then, like gypsydepp, do a fartlek run to the w1 laura podcast on fridays.

    To me, it feels just like starting the C25K all over again, only with longer distances. Just when you feel like you can do it, you start the next week and it gets even harder.

  • I found week 1 and week 2 of B210K really difficult. I started to think i'd started it too quick but once I got to week 3 it seemed easier. (not easy but definitely easier!)

    I've got 1 run left in week 4 and i'm really enjoying it! The music really is better but Sami seems to really love Britney Spears, shes on everyone! sometimes twice!

  • Thank you for the replies everyone, I'm glad to hear that you all have found the first few weeks hard. I might consider dropping one of the days and doing a 5k or fartlek run instead if I'm still struggling in the next few weeks.

  • Hi I'm about to do run 3 of week 2 of the b210k tomorrow. I'm finding it quite tough i am managing 4.5 miles in 47mins but I have decided I am going to do another week of week 2 before I move onto week 3. I have given myself until August to get up to 10k. To be honest I can't see myself running non stop for an hour! Funny I can remember saying that about running for 30 mins, but 60mins seems a really long time. However It's giving me another goal to focus on.

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