Couch to 5K

It's ok Mo. You're safe for the time being!

So I had Mo Farah on the phone last week.

"Dan it's Mo. I'm really worried that you're gonna be my main opponent. I read somewhere that you're blasting your way through this running thing and your 5K's a getting some major coverage?"

Then I woke up. Aaaagghhhh!!!

This morning was my first 5K run since graduation last friday (need to get my badge on here too). I set off early at 6.30am cos I prefer early running and decided that I wasn't going to push myself or try and beat my 28'42sec graduation run. Legs and breathing were in sync with each other AT LAST! I'd found it hard to get enough oxygen into my lungs previously, but having done some googling research, I discovered that when running it's better to breathe through your mouth. That way you get maximum air into the old pipes.

My playlist actually got on my nerves to be honest. I think I'm missing the Laura disciplined podcasts (despite some of the cringe music) and somehow Ian Gillan and Deep Purple yelling in my ear that early in the morning didn't really cut it for me. However, I persisted with it.

I have to say that now I've completed the C25K, THIS particular run was quite difficult. Not sure why really? Perhaps it's the natural course of events, having completed a goal and now.....that's it! But I am keenly aware that the reason I ever started this running lark was to A) get fit and B) get my trim Jagger'esque figure back!

Finished the 5K in 30'05sec so quite a bit longer than my graduation PB, but I was happy. I'd done it and the sun was shining, my pants had behaved themselves and kept everything (and everyone) in check, and I had a long jacuzzi soak to look forward to.

"Sophie I'm home!" I shouted at my cat. "Whatev's" she replied and went back to sleep......

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Love your blog! From Mo to the cat, with an excellent run in between! Only just over the 30 minute magic mark even though it was a difficult run! Wow! I wish & dream of times like that!

Set yourself some new goals now... Parkrun for 5km pb's, B210K, hills, C25K+.... there's lots of options for you! :-)

Now email for that shiny badge!


Ignore my last line - tired eyes and brain from getting up at 4.45am! Yawn!


Thanks Pops. Appreciate your post. Hope you're getting on the road to recovery.


Loved you're blog. I too like Poppy2010 would like to get to 5k in 30 mins!!


Thank you! And you'll get there. Keep pushing!!


Did you see Mo's 5k yesterday - the amount of speed he picked up at the end was incredible. it is quite easy to loose your way after graduating - Once I've made it to 10k I might just concentrate on getting to a speed where Mo's 5k time isn't a thrd of mine. Good Luck


I miss Laura too! But I don't miss Me and Julie, so, you know...

I know what you mean about it being difficult, I've definitely been a bit less motivated, and only ran twice in the last week and to be honest I nearly didn't do the second one as I was feeling lazy!

I really liked the structure of C25K and I think I definitely need goals to keep me going. My next goal is 5k in 30mins. You've been there for a while.. what about the Stepping Stones or other 5k+ podcasts? I don't think I'm fast enough for Stepping Stones yet but I bet you are.

Happy (and non-wardrobe malfunctioning) running :-)


Ooh, shiny badge! I'm glad you were back out there, although I know what you mean about post-grad runs being a bit difficult. I struggled for a month or so but now I'm back on track (again. I think.) and I think it's all about setting more targets - we were so led and focused with Laura that now we're on our own it can be harder.

However, I'm glad about your 5k, your pants, the sun and that Mo isn't hassling you. Now all you have to solve is the problem of your disinterested cat - can't help you there, I'm afraid :D


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