i could kick myself!!!!

I went out on a fantastic run this evening making the best of the dry spell that appeared. Over the fields onto the main road and back into to town and home. All going well and as i turned the corner into my street all the male neighbours where outside around a car doing what men do when a bonnet is up!!!! Anyway one of them spotted me and they all started cheering and it completely put me off so instead of finishing by running down the street and back up the other side to make my run 5km i ducked into my drive way and into the house i was so embarrassed. I had done 4.36km in 36mins which is my best run so far and if only i had done what i wanted to i may have finished the 5k in my best time!!!!! I know they were only having fun and i am so cross with myself for not carrying on. Anyone else had a similar thing happen??


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  • Nothing similar, no - but I would hate it! I tend to run where I will be seen by the minimum number of people and if I have run through the streets I feel decidedly self-conscious. That's waning a bit, but I would hate a cheering audience.

    Maybe next time you could wave back...

  • Think I would do the same.....never mind you know you still had enough left to do that last bit..

  • I have a group of elderly gentlemen that sit on a bench where I run at my favourite riverside haunt. But, one of them referred to me as 'lass' so I felt quite chuffed! Well done for doing it anyway, don't let them or anyone else put you off, you are doing so well. x

  • Challenge them to a race next time

  • if that happened to me Id curl up and die ! Poor you. Never mind you will crack it the next run

  • Oh dear, I really wouldn't like that. Maybe at the beginning of my run it would be ok, but in my beetroot post-run (or near the end of my run) state it would be one of those moments when I'd like the earth to swallow me up. the first time I met my new neighbour was when I was half way up the stairs back up to my flat after a run. Despite the cultural habit of hospitality, I've never been invited in since (I declined on that occasion - didn't think I was in a fit state to be in the same room as some strangers).

    The only cheering I've had has thankfully been positive - I passed a little old lady taking a constitutional the other day, and she called out at me something that I think translates as "God strengthen you." She did smile when I turned round and went past her again, so if the translation isn't quite right then I think I'll take it as positive anyway ;)

  • When I was down South last week, I had the misfortune to have to run past a couple of builders. I don't know if it was the evil glare I gave them or the fact that I had all my tattoos out - well not all of them or I'd have been arrested!! - but they hastily looked the other way.

  • Oh no! That is frustrating! I know how it feels to be in touching distance of a record and not get there, but you need to tell yourself you've nearly done it before and you'll do it again (and most likely many times if you keep on running).

    I've had a few passing comments from people and one shouted from a car! I always find myself speeding up to run past big groups of teenagers which I know is silly and messes with my rhythm. Sadly I think it's just a case of trying to get on with it, and we'll eventually feel confident enough to keep doing our running-thing regardless :)

    It sounds like you might have missed your warm down walk too so don't forget to stretch and good luck for future runs, Emily.

  • I'd have done exactly the same.

  • Honestly I smile and give them the thumbs up for the applause and comments. conscious yes but it only takes a minute and their out so sight. I think they generally either admire or envious - just wanna be us!

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