Couch to 5K

I've just ran for 20 did that happen?!

Wow, I actually can't believe I did it! The sense of self achievement is fantastic, I wanna go and do it again! But I won't, well not for another 2 days at least haha!

Yes I was feeling anxious about it, especially as my hayfever was at it's worst yesterday and although it's not sunny out there today, it's very humid but I kept the pace slow and actually my lungs were ok, it was my legs that were feeling it!

When I got to half way, I did think 'oh god, I've got to do the same again' but when I realised I only had a couple of mins left, I knew I was going to do it and it felt great! Such an adrenaline boost!

I'm doing the race for life a week on Sunday, and I was feeling a bit apprehensive about it as I won't be finished the programme I time but now I feel so much better about it!

Thanks to everyone's inspirational posts, as it was reading every one else's success stories that gave me the boost to do this!

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WELL DONE! And in this awful heat too. You've done very well! Is that W5R3 done? Good luck for your race for life on Sunday. Hope it's nice and cool for you!


Thank you Beek! It's such a great feeling! It's actually W6R3 for me (I'm using a different app to the nhs one) but the next couple of weeks seem to ramp up quite a lot so I'll just have to see how I go!

Thank you for the good luck for the R4L, I'm actually looking forward to it now!


Jolly well done...The heat was killing me this morning even though we ran before 8am.

All the best with the RfL too.


Very well done, it is a great feeling. You'll b fine on the R4L with all the encouragement & pinkness I bet u manage the 5k no problem!


Well done ,I know how good it feels.......enjoy it ,you have worked hard and you deserve it.


Thank you so much for the lovely messages! I'm still on a high!


I remember that feeling, such a high point in the programme and a real stepping stone to the longer runs. Keep up the good work, 30 min runs are not that far away now and definitely doable.


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