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2 Runs left ..... How did that happen?


Having kept up the plan religiously for the last 7 weeks, week 8 proved a bit of a hiccup with the onset of a blooming cough that left me chesty and feeling tired. I made the decision to postpone my planned runs for week 8 but have to say felt a bit frustrated - but better late than never! So tonight it was back on the esplanade but I was dreading the thought of a 30 min run. Could I do it? Would I survive? Having not run for a week - would I actually be able to run for more than 5 mins? ......Well I needn’t have worried - I did it! I actually did it! It was tough & I had to set myself markers to get along the route however what I learnt most tonight was that running is not just about legs and lungs but equally as important is a positive mindset! We must keeping believing in ourselves and yes, things won’t always go to plan but we need to be sensible and look after ourselves - and you know what? We’ll still be able to get right back on track and might even have a stronger run! Bring on the last 2 runs ... I can’t wait to graduate 🙌

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You are so right running is as much in the head as in the legs. I was reading recently if your run is getting tough then smile as it kids your brain and helps you run better.

Graduation for you is a dead cert I’d say.

Happy running

Determined52Graduate in reply to Jancanrun

Thank you! Great tip which I’m definitely going to try out 😁

Jen58 in reply to Jancanrun

This is very true .... Positive mental.... Attitude ...

Last two runs The above words got me through,

Determined52Graduate in reply to Jen58

Its so important - something I had totally underestimated 😊


An inspiring post! Well done you! 😬

Determined52Graduate in reply to Flaraflarkin

Thank you 😁


Well done that’s fantastic 👏👏 that podium is within touching distance 😊 enjoy the rest of Wk9’s runs!

Determined52Graduate in reply to Melo_smiles

Thank you! I will 😊


Well done you... I missed this post... I was heading back to the Coast I think:) Or already here:)

You did very well and relaxing into these last runs is a joy.

Keep it slow and steady...simple as that.. the legs will begin to find their happy pace... but they are still building up, as is your stamina and strength; the stamina and strength exercises need to build up alongside the running.

You live by the sea, lucky you... I only get there very other week... but the runs along the Esplanade are a joy and great for some stamina intervals:)

Cruise your way towards the podium... the badge is waiting:)

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