Me and my calf (no, not THAT type of calf!)

Bonjour Bloggerettes!

I've been away from here lately as I've started a new job and it's all consuming. I'm a freelancer so have to take whatever comes along so I can keep myself in trainers, running bottles and Laura podcasts!

Did a run this morning - my third post grad run and clocked 5K in 28'52sec which would have been quicker if I hadn't walked for about 20 secs halfway through! I was so knackered I just had to take a breather.

I've had this tight calf thing going on and I gave myself three days rest from my last run, just to see if it would clear up. It did, but after 3K of todays run it started tightening up again. I wish I knew what was causing it cos it's a bit bloomin' sore!!

Anway, I took Laura with me this morning for company. I decided to give Week 9 a blast (minus listening to "Me and Julie" obviously - I had the volume at zero for that) as I have to say I liked the regimented way those podcasts got you running.

Well, it's Andy Murray day today and I'm at work in a dark grotty basement room in Londons Soho. Oh the glamour!

See y'all again soon'age!


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  • Good for you. I too am a freelancer and taking my trainers and Laura with me when i have to stay over - I get up early and go out. I like the structure too.....Not as fast as you so really well done.

  • That's so kind. Thanks!

  • the structure is really what keeps me going, although have done the speed a few times and it's okay, but too many interruptions

    I too still have W9 on my phone but not used it yet since graduation...

  • That's a great time for 5k especially with a sore leg... well done, but take care of the leg as you don't want to make it worse!

  • Yeah I know. I'm keeping an eye on it.

  • Great time Dan but sorry to hear you are having calf pain. Try using a foam roller, check out Youtube for how to use, they really do iron out the aches and pains in your muscles. I use a wonderful one at the gym in a Stretch Workshop butthey would cost about ยฃ50 but coach suggested buying one from Sports Direct which I did ยฃ8 it does the same and have used it a few times after longer harder runs.

  • Thanks oldgirl I will check that out.

  • I am in the process of forming a relationship with my foam roller...they do work you just have to keep going at it

  • Great time well done!! As for your calf do you have decent shoes ?? That made all the difference for me along with stretching, ice ( no freezer so did cold carrot rub v effective) and also supplements. Hope soho was fun? My husband used to work round there I loved it!

  • Hello Juicy! Re your "shoes" mention - yes I have proper running shoes although I have to say I didn't ever get that foot shape test thingy as the store didn;t do that sort of thing. It was bad enough asking the pimply youth serving to get me a pair in my size!

    Soho is.....disgusting. Too many people, too many fumes, everyone on their phones saying "Yah yah. Totes agree. I'm just running into a meeting..."


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