Couch to 5K

Me and my calf (no, not THAT type of calf!)

Bonjour Bloggerettes!

I've been away from here lately as I've started a new job and it's all consuming. I'm a freelancer so have to take whatever comes along so I can keep myself in trainers, running bottles and Laura podcasts!

Did a run this morning - my third post grad run and clocked 5K in 28'52sec which would have been quicker if I hadn't walked for about 20 secs halfway through! I was so knackered I just had to take a breather.

I've had this tight calf thing going on and I gave myself three days rest from my last run, just to see if it would clear up. It did, but after 3K of todays run it started tightening up again. I wish I knew what was causing it cos it's a bit bloomin' sore!!

Anway, I took Laura with me this morning for company. I decided to give Week 9 a blast (minus listening to "Me and Julie" obviously - I had the volume at zero for that) as I have to say I liked the regimented way those podcasts got you running.

Well, it's Andy Murray day today and I'm at work in a dark grotty basement room in Londons Soho. Oh the glamour!

See y'all again soon'age!


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Good for you. I too am a freelancer and taking my trainers and Laura with me when i have to stay over - I get up early and go out. I like the structure too.....Not as fast as you so really well done.


That's so kind. Thanks!


the structure is really what keeps me going, although have done the speed a few times and it's okay, but too many interruptions

I too still have W9 on my phone but not used it yet since graduation...


That's a great time for 5k especially with a sore leg... well done, but take care of the leg as you don't want to make it worse!


Yeah I know. I'm keeping an eye on it.


Great time Dan but sorry to hear you are having calf pain. Try using a foam roller, check out Youtube for how to use, they really do iron out the aches and pains in your muscles. I use a wonderful one at the gym in a Stretch Workshop butthey would cost about £50 but coach suggested buying one from Sports Direct which I did £8 it does the same and have used it a few times after longer harder runs.


Thanks oldgirl I will check that out.


I am in the process of forming a relationship with my foam roller...they do work you just have to keep going at it


Great time well done!! As for your calf do you have decent shoes ?? That made all the difference for me along with stretching, ice ( no freezer so did cold carrot rub v effective) and also supplements. Hope soho was fun? My husband used to work round there I loved it!


Hello Juicy! Re your "shoes" mention - yes I have proper running shoes although I have to say I didn't ever get that foot shape test thingy as the store didn;t do that sort of thing. It was bad enough asking the pimply youth serving to get me a pair in my size!

Soho is.....disgusting. Too many people, too many fumes, everyone on their phones saying "Yah yah. Totes agree. I'm just running into a meeting..."



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