Does anyone else abandon running in this heat?

I always get so roasting hot when I run and turn an unattractive shade of red/purple, so I really can't face going out in this heat. Also find it harder to breathe well when the pollen count is high. It sounds like I'm making excuses but I know that if I struggle and fail I'll be really demoralised. I so want to get to graduation (next run when it cools down will be W8R2) and really shouldn't complain about this gorgeous weather we are finally having - does anyone else really struggle with running in this heat?


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16 Replies

  • I find the heat a bit too much. I am overweight and menopausal so heat is not my friend. However I still do my run but wait until the evening when it is cooler. Infact I managed week 6 run 2 an hour ago and really enjoyed it. It was a beautiful evening and I could slowly see the sun setting as I made my way along.

  • Thanks, I usually go early evening as I don't mind leaving the children alone then but don't want to leave them later when it's cooler but going to try this evening in about half an hour.

  • I am an evening runner and normally run straight after I get home from work around 6:30 pm but this Friday it was so hot I had to wait about two hours longer than normal to let the sun cool down. Fortunately it was still light at 8-9 pm. I also make sure I drink some water before my run which really helps to keep me cool; if it gets any hotter, I may consider experimenting with taking a water bottle with me during my run. If you are a morning runner, however, try running a bit earlier- just try to avoid the hottest times of the day. Also, maybe you need to consider your pace - are you going too fast and perhaps need to slow down? Hope this is helpful and remember this is a learning curve for us all - if one thing does not work, try another, just DON'T GIVE UP!

  • Thanks, I don't want to give up, I just can't face running in this heat! I usually run about 5pm as I have children who I don't mind leaving alone when they're awake but I don't like leaving them asleep so too much later or early in the morning isn't an option. I'm going to try going out in just a few minutes and see how it goes. I took your advice and had plenty of water and I don't think it's my pace - if I went any slower I'd stop! I think carrying excess weight doesn't help but hopefully some of that will go with the running.

  • I was astonished by how uncomfortably warm it was at 9am on Friday, when I went running with a friend, so I'm up early this morning. I'm feeling quite hot in the kitchen now before I've even set out, so I don't think it's going to be comfortable, but I don't want to give up! :)

  • How did your run go? It's been roasting here. I'm going to try going in a few minutes so fingers crossed :)

  • It was tough - I had a few short walking breaks in the second half, but I stayed out there for the full time, so it wasn't a disaster! ;) The gentle jog with my friend yesterday evening at 8.30 was much more comfortable temperature-wise though, even if my legs weren't too impressed!

  • I do weekend runs early and weekday runs after work. Weekend runs are normally fine and on weekdays I do sometimes delay the run slightly to wait for the temperature to drop. However I have only been running for three months so there haven't been many warm days!

  • I'm sure there's going to be far more cold days than hot ones but I'm working towards my graduation and I want to keep going, just can't face running on these really hot days. There's a little breeze here this evening so I'm going to give it a go.

  • I have found when its really warm/hot (not that often up here in NE Scotland tho) that the traffic fumes seem to lie in the atmosphere so early morning runs are better when the fumes haven't had time to build up. Don't worry about the colour you turn many of us turn pink, purple, bridght red, just so long as you don't turn blue, thats not a colour anyone wants to be.

  • I'm not too worried about the colour I go, just that if that happens in cool weather I think I might keel over in this heat! As a single parent, it's a bit hard running too early or too late as I don't want to leave the children asleep in bed while I'm out (they're old enough to be left, just I don't really like leaving them asleep - I had friends whose fire alarm went off and their sleeping kids didn't hear it so I'm a bit paranoid), but I'm going to give it a go as late as I can before they go to bed.

  • You can always try the woods - it's nice and cool and not many people to see the red face and it's great fun :)

  • That's a great idea - we have some not far from here :)

  • Totally relate to not leaving the kids sleeping! I'd worry about them waking up and not being able to find you. And we had a scary experience at a (lovely!) B&B in Yorkshire where my 13 year old stumbled sleeply into our room to tell us that her throat was hurting and we jumped awake to find the whole house full of smoke. The owner had been cooking a ham and forgotten to turn off the cooker. We weren't really in danger but it was frightening all the same.

    Running in shady woods sounds like a good idea though. I went out this morning after school dropoff and quite enjoyed myself in spite of the heat. I put on loads of sunblock and a hat, brought water (I usually don't bother) and took things quite slowly. I've come to the conclusion that there is far more good running weather than bad! I don't mind cold or rain any more although I have not gone as far as Oldgirl - she even goes out in the snow with spikes on!

    Hope you find a way to keep on running. :-)

  • I'm no good in the heat, so I've been going very early morning - around 5.15am. I never seem to have the time or energy to go in the evenings!

  • Sounds like you're all doing really well and persevering. I'm guilty of giving in. My last run was 2 weeks ago. I got so hot & couldn't breathe (middle of the day, admittedly) that I turned round after 3k and came home. Really worried about how I'll cope when I get back out there now. I'll have to force myself out soon. Well done to you lot for sticking with it!

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