Couch to 5K

Everyone smiled!

hello everyone, Juicy ju is off to a wedding so I am slipping in a quickie before I dash off. Had to say:

Ran early this morning and everyone we saw smiled!!!! ( I blogged the other day about everyone looking grimly at me quite upsetting). Although there were only 3 crazy types out anyway as it was only 6AM

10k with the lad on the strawberry line

Decided to take it slow and then build up quicker towards the end

It worked

I did it in 1 hour and 5 mins my best PB yet!

I sprinted for the last 1k and did it in under 6 mins which is another PB for me...oh yesss

Happy days everyone

Off to paint my nails now!!

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Yes, you meet a much nicer type of person out first thing! ;-)

Those are good times, esp getting a 1k PB at the end of 10k. Shows that you can crack the hour barrier soon, I reckon.

Nice weather for a wedding - should be fun. :)


Perhaps I need to get up earlier in the morning then I can smile and wave at you as you sprint past me! :) Happy running and what a great time x Maggie


Thanks guys my running legs are starting to really pump. I'm eating terra firmer for breakfast. Next stop the women's 10,000 metres in brazil.


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