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A break, a trial and a sucess

So had 6 days run-free days last week. Ran Weds before last, went away on the Friday (Girls trip to Liverpool - we're in a choir, so not *that* rowdy ;-) ) so didn't dare try and run before I had to get on a train at 9.30am. Timekeeping not my thing. Got back on Sunday knackered from lack of sleep, didn't run again til Tuesday just gone.

Did Stepping Stones again, and very nearly got my backside handed to me on a plate. Absolutely knackered. Fought a stitch all the way round, ankles were tired almost from the start to the end, breathing all over the shop. Gave up on the beat in the final fast section (160 or 165 is it, can't remember?) and according to mapmyrun, got progressively slower over the run which means I must have been modifying my stride a lot to compensate. Anyway, moral of the story - speed ain't my thing right now. Although I found the "speed" podcast bearable, so perhaps sustained speed isn't my thing. Or maybe I was just still tired/ dehydrated/hormonal - I dunno.

So for my run this morning I thought "Sod it" I'll just run to my pace, I even ran to a podcast of my favourite radio show (all talking) instead of music. Stayed at my natural pace of around 7:30 mins/km, kept it nice and easy, breathing was good. Legs were complaining, but they gave that up after the first 2k I think. So I ran all the way through to my very first 5k. Woo hoo! 37:30. Not speedy, but I felt so much better for it.

Now now I'm ready to hold the back line at my first Parkrun next Sat. Bring it on. :-)

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