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A Small Triumph!

I feel slightly embarrassed writing about this but here goes.

I'm rather slow and am regulalry passed by walkers but yesterday while torturing the same piece of grass on my local field (Week 3 Run 3) I shuffled past a heavily pregnant woman - hoorah! I actually jogged passed someone for change.

Ok, so she was very close to her due date by the looks of it so maybe she was trying to get things going by having a walk but still I managed to be quick enough to run by so it still counts as an improvement in my book.

Now for those pesky dog walkers. I'm coming to get you!

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onwards and upwards ;-)



You will begin to pass more peolple. Trust me I've been there. :-)


been there too, well done!


Way to go! I've seen heavily pregnant ladies get quite a wriggle on when they need to - I bet she was going faster than you think! ;)


Thanks for this vote of confidence about my speed!


Very amusing post- sounds like me- the dog strolls as I struggle to run. Main thing is we keep going!


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