Couch to 5K


No, Laura, my legs aren't tired at all. I run out of breath long before my legs have a chance to get tired.

I wish the marvellous anti-asthma effect of this programme I told so many people about would jolly well hurry up and kick in.

Done and dusted though. It's a good job I'm not doing this to lose weight, or the much-needed malted-milk-biscuits-with-dollops-of-creme-fraiche restorative would be a bad idea.

Roll on Run 2.

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oo er.... my next one is week 3 run 1 !!! am a bit worried now!!


It took till end of 3 beginning of 4 for my breathing to improve...gradually. Now it's amazing. I don't use my blue before running and can climb 226 steps up a steep hillside without stopping. That was on week 8. I hope you'll see the benefits soon.


Yes, I echo that. Beginning to feel benefit now but took a while.


Thanks for the encouragement. Wow, 226 steps! You counted!!!

I would have, too.


Yes I counted because almost a year ago to that day I had had to stop after 20 steps in another but similar gorge.


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