Couch to 5K


3 minutes running! I remember in Week 1 just 1 minute felt like an eternity, can't believe I have done this! Today I ran in the rain which was lovely, it kept me nice and cool - being a person of a certain age! This time I stretched my legs before the run which definitely helped my knee, and the advise in the podcast to make sure your head doesn't bob above a hedge was actually really helpful, and made my running smoother - can't wait for run 2!

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It does feel amazing doesn't it? And I quite like running in the rain - always seem to have good runs when it rains! Glad you're enjoying it anyway - good luck with run 2 :)


Surprising how much fitter you get and in such a short space of time. You are doing really well. Good luck for the second run of W3 and best wishes.


Hi Lottidog , well done ! Ive just done my W3R1 this morning as well ! I really enjoyed it, I thought the time went really quickly, when Laura said " this is the last run for today " I thought "Eh ? Is that it already ? There was a lovely breeze this morning too, it was fab.

Let us know how you go on with R2 , when are u doing it ? I run Sunday, Wednesday and Friday xxx


Hi Poppypug

Yes you're right, I thought that the time went really quickly too. I had been out the night before dancing so was pretty pooped, but I thought I would bite the bullet and go for it, and was pleasantly surprised. My days tend to be Monday or Friday as I don't work on those days, and any other day that I can fit it in. I try to have a three day break due to my knee which has osteoarthritis so have to give it time to recover. I really am enjoying the challenge and never ever thought I would enjoy running, but what gets me is the fact that I feel so great afterward, and have so much energy! Good to keep in touch and egg each other on! What has prompted you to go out running Poppypug?


You sound like youre really enjoying this ! -Me too :-) Ive been looking for an enjoyable hobby/ exercise to do since I stopped smoking 18 months ago. I see lots of people running around where I live and I thought, " Why not have a go ? " I am completely hooked now, I love it, I really look forward to getting out there again. Good luck and best wishes to you , I look forward to reading your posts xx


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