An extra run without Laura!

After my exertions of the weekend my legs have been quite stiff. I was keen to get a run in to try to ease my legs but didn't want to commit to doing the next run of week 8 and fail. So I left Laura at home and took my sister instead. I was aiming to just do a run with no target and happy to stop when I felt I had done enough, perhaps 20 mins.

We jogged and chatted and I suddenly realised that I was on my 3rd lap of the park that I normally only do 2 laps of! My sister has an app on her phone and we had done 30 mins, 2 more than my longest run to date. She asked if I wanted to stop but I felt that I could keep going. I decided at that point to try for 37 mins as my previous pace would get me close to 5k so I pushed on and somehow managed to get to the 37 mins. And the best news is that we had done 4.6k, just 400m short of the magic 5k! I was amazed.

On to the rest of week 8 on Thursday and hopefully 28 mins will feel relatively easy now that I know I can make it to 37 mins.

4 Replies

  • That is brilliant!! Well done!

  • Well done! Can I borrow your sister? About 5.30 tomorrow morning would be great!

  • Ha ha, I'll send her round! Although she's not at her best in the morning!

  • Nice going... wooohooo ... as you said, the rest of the programme is supremely do-able now. Lots of luck for your last few runs to graduation! Cheers, Linda ;)

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