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Wk7 run2

I did this yesterday and it was SUCH a struggle. It seemed airless outside. I had not run since Monday night because life just got in the way. I feel week 7 is another of my difficult weeks and at this moment the thought of running for 28 minutes is nigh on impossible. I really think I will repeat wk7 as I honestly don't feel ready for any more. I know some of you would say the programme is about pushing yourself but I think we all know our bodies best and mine at the moment is finding 25 minutes a struggle. However I will see what Monday night brings

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I found Week 7 hard, but oddly, because I'd pushed to complete it, Week 8 was easier??? I was also a bit worried about the extra 3 mins but actually it was fine.

Good luck tomorrow on R3.


You're right- you know what's best for your body but, strangely, sometimes when I've had a really tough run I find the next 2 or 3 much easier? Keep going whatever you decide- you're so close to graduating!


Just relax, be positive and see how it goes, you've already managed 25mins twice so you know you can do it. Some runs are just harder than others; I can't remember if it was during week 7 or 8, but R2 was absolutely the worst run ever then R3 was one of the best & I had no idea why. You might find you have more energy tomorrow, or it might be cooler (not wishing to spoil the summer but I hate running when it's hot!) and then you will feel more positive about moving on to week 8. But If it really is too much then I don't think there is any reason to feel bad about adding another run or two to some weeks, C25K in 10 or 11 weeks is still pretty impressive. I bet it wasn't that long ago that running for 5 mins seemed quite scary and look at you now! Good luck


Thanks guys and KateMAc I do remember thinking I would not be able to do 5 mins. I only had this conversation with one of the girls in work just now because she says there is no way she could run for 3 minutes. I said to her you CAN do it just trust the programme and yourself. Funny how we can give advice to others but still need it ourselves. I will keep you posted about tonight's run.


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