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How do I get past week 7 blues?

I have just started week 7 of the programme and although I have enjoyed couch 2 5k so far I am now starting to struggle. I managed to do run 3 of week 6 which was 25 minutes but I can't seem to run for that long again. I have failed to finish the run twice now which is puzzling me as I know and have proved that I can do it. I only managed 10 minutes on Sunday, I tried again on Monday and only managed 18 minutes. It is hot weather at the moment which isn't helping but I am starting to get a bit disheartened as I feel like I am losing the endurance and stamina I have built up over the last 7 weeks. I really don't want to give up on the programme but I feel like I am now going backwards. Has anyone else been through a similar experience?

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I had a very similar experience during w8...didn't achieve 2 of the runs. I think we just have to accept that sometimes we just have bad runs...draw a line under them and move on to the next one. Also at this stage it does become more of a mental challenge than physical so keep telling yourself you CAN do it!!!

Another thing to think about in this warm weather...have you been drinking enough (water that is!)? Also, may be worth trying to go out a little earlier / later when it is cooler (if you are not already do this).

Good luck you CAN do it! :)


Weeks 7, 8 and 9 are hard and I think a lot of us struggled with the longer runs (I still am!).

The hot weather really doesn't help so as AliB1 suggests go out when it is cooler and just take it slowly.

Good luck - keep going!


Take a couple of days off, take it easy and try again sometimes you can try to hard and its more a head battle than a leg battle.


Yes and on week seven too! Just make sure you have your rest day and drink plenty of water. You did two quite long runs close together which is going to be trying at the best of times. Try going early in the moring when its cooler, go as slow as you can without actually falling over or going backwards. The key is to get through the first 5 minutes, try setting yourself the challenge of getting to a certain landmark, then get past the dreaded 10 minutes. At half way I give myself a stern talking too, you have got this far, its all (metaphorically) downhill from here, you are not going to give up having got this far, you don't feel any more tired that you did a few minutes ago, are your lungs on fire? are your legs jelly? are you about to faint? By the time I have gone through this lot I have realised that I'm pretty much on automatic and just carry on.

Unless you are going too fast its pretty much all in your head, if your think that you will fail then you will, you have already given yourself permission not to finish. Believe in yourself and in the plan and you will do it.

If you have really blown your confidence try W6R2 but its best just to woman-up, grit your teeth and go for it (slowly of course) :)

You can do it, keep going and keep us posted, we are all rooting for you.


When you have rested an extra day, drank loads and its cooler give it a go, when my mind is trying to say stop stop stop (mind games) I count backwards from sixty slowly. A c25k person suggested this as the process can take several minutes which is a distraction for me, picturing the numbers, running, and breathing all at the same time takes a bit of hard work but you can do, you will do it. Each of us has different ways to get round particular difficulties, you'll find your way and then you'll be passing that on to others who struggle at some point. Great achievement, great running well done you :)


Thank you so much for your answers guys. I will take on board your tips and I'm going to try the 25 minute run again tomorrow. It's so inspiring to hear from people who have been through a similar experience and overcome it. I feel much better about the challenge ahead now. I will let u know how I get on :)



I have just completed W7R1 and it is true when others say it is mind over matter. I struggled not to keep looking at the time ticking by very slowly and had to will myself to get to 12.5 minutes but then its weird because something in my mind clicks and I go into positive mode counting down the time, instead of up. I also find it good to run through my reasoning for starting the c25k programme and the goals I have already achieved and the ones I am aiming for. I do find this really helps.

Good luck!



I'm on the same week and I'm struggling in the exact same way as you are, I just wanted to say thanks for all the comments. I'm going to rest for a day then go for it on Friday, making sure I am well hydrated and properly fed before I set out.

I know it's all in my head I just need to realise I'm strong enough to do it.

Sadly there isn't a way to change the music, it drove me crazy on today's run!


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