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Entering the final week and 4 days ago registered to take part in the Run4Health 5km to see how my 30mins would pan out. Had a really bad W8R3 on Friday night and felt terrible yesterday so was really nervous. Listened to Lauras warm up walk beforehand and took part in the organised warm up before the run and just started Laura's run when the run started.

A new route for me,including a few hills both up and down, but my resolve made me keep running even when I felt I was way behind the 5k in 30 mins, and finished in 36.38 mins. Never believed when I started this, as a result of a friend making me a New Year's resolution that I should take part in a Race for Life, that I really could do it. Finally told my friends about week 5 what I was doing, and today am just buzzing from completing this goal. Just 2 more runs to graduate.

Thank you to Laura and everyone who blogs as this is my first time, but I have been inspired by everything that everyone writes and the podcasts just really will work for everyone and we will all do it.

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Well done! I'm at the same point in the program, doing W9R1 today. Only two more runs after today until graduation! It's rather exciting, isn't it?



Hope it has gone well!


WELL DONE! Soon be there! good Luck


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