W1R3 - that was challenging!

I'm amazed that I've managed to complete Week 1 - still a long way to go but it feels good!

I made a big school girl error though and scheduled my last run of the week for a day when I knew I would have a low level hangover after a girls dinner last night, and would have all 3 of my kids with me.

The first 60 seconds were hell and I had a stitch straight away but luckily it disappeared. But I had to do loops of a local common, leaving my 3 year old on a bench with her 6 yr old sister, while my 7 year old ran with me. Then my 7 and 6 year old swapped babysitting jobs and did the next lap with me.

Then my 3 yr old decided she would run with me on my last 60 seconds! Good on her - she ran the whole way only needing a bit of dragging from me - but I was running pretty slowly.

I'm just so chuffed that I did it. It would have been so easy to wallow on the couch, nursing my hangover and yelling at the kids. Instead i feel on top of the world that I got out there in the sunshine, finished week 1, and got the kids involved as well!

Oh - and my hangover has gone!!

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  • Well done, the first week is the hardest, in that its so new!

  • Well done, such a positive way to finish week 1. Keep going!

  • Must have been great to get your little ones involved too! Well done on finishing week 1. It will get more comfy for you now! Enjoy!

  • Well done ATFW! Getting the kids involved too! I can't fault you :)

    It does get better, easier, harder, worse and strangely enjoyable not necessarily in that order :) The key is to believe in Laura, and believe in yourself. You can and will do it!

    By week 7 you will be re-reading these posts and thinking, blimey, look at me now :)

    And beer and wine tastes much better after a good run! :)


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