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5K to Couch

Ironically this is quite a good weekend for occupying the couch with Silverstone, Wimbledon and Glastonbury if they float your boat.

However, the sun is shining or at least it is here and having been for a run this morning Im feeling quite energised to get back out there.

Would another sneaky short run be out of the question or perhaps a cycle, swim or walk ?

Any suggestions welcome, just dont mention the couch.

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How about a walk to the shop for supplies for sofa (See!I didn't mention the word) sitting tonight? Get a lot of stuff and it can be weight training!


Like your thinking and cunning avoidance of mentioning the couch.

Sounds like a plan, sun, scenery and sofa (later) it is with some walking and weight training. Now what can I buy thats heavy....?


I would enjoy a brisk walk in the sunshine. You don't want to overdo it after all!!


I'm going for a long leisurely bike ride this afternoon. I live in Bristol and my usual route takes me across the suspension bridge, through leigh woods and back through the deer park so it's pretty beautiful. Takes about 90 minutes. The weather's too gorgeous not to be out in it!


Sounds good Jany. Haven't been to Bristol since the Brunel celebrations but that must be some view as you cross the bridge. Enjoy the ride.


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