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I fell over :-(

First time I've done that and it bloomin well hurt.

Was just doing my usual Saturday morning run, thinking about whether I'd do 5k or a bit further. Going ok, good pace, feeling fine then about 8 mins in I was suddenly flying through the air. Tried to recover my step but no - SPLAT! I'm on the floor wondering what happened.

Luckily no-one saw me as I sat on the ground in a state of shock. Anyway after a minute or so I considered my options - limp off home or carry on. So I got up, decided not to look at my throbbing knees and carried on. Was pleased is got my sunglasses on so no-one could see my tears! :-(

I managed 5k in 37 mins 29 secs. Not my best time but not bad considering.

Looked at my knees when is finished - both are quite badly grazed and a bit swollen but ill live!

Next run scheduled for Tuesday so hopefully my knees will feel a bit better by then.


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Poor you! That's a good time considering your mishap. Hope the knees get better soon.


I hope you recover soon! There was a three way collision at the beginning of my Park Run this morning. Luckily I missed it because I wasn't at the front!


Well done for getting up and carrying on. :-)

Luckily the only time I have only fallen over (so far) was on my first Parkrun, covered in mud up to my knees, all over my arms and hands, was so pleased the tail runner didn't join me until a few minute later, by which time I had recovered my composure, and the tears were mixed with sweat! :-)


Well done for carrying on - I hope your knees heal quickly !


Oh dear! Hope the knees are not too bruised! I have not actually fallen over yet although once I was so close it was not true! Suspect it's one of those things all real runners do sometimes!!!


You poor thing... That's awful but well done you for soldiering on!


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