I fell over!

Deary me. Yup... I went flying. Tripped on a rock and landed on a rock. Ouch!

Now this bit is quite sad. Instead of rolling around on the floor moaning like I did when I fell last year, my first thought was - pause the Garmin! And I did. Then went back to rolling around and moaning.

I think that makes me a proper runner! :D

There were only 0.15 miles left so after a minute I got up with a muddy bum (and everything else!) and finished.

Anyway it wasn't my fault! Someone was in the bathroom this morning so I went out without my contact lenses in. That makes me clumsy!

And to top it all off when I got in I straight away cleaned up my Garmin. I on the otherhand am still sat here in my sweaty, muddy running clothes. So now that the watch is sorted I'm off for a shower! I think I need to rethink my priorities...

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  • Oh Kate, I feel your pain! My knees are still black and blue and my hands are still scabby from Sunday! However, drat it all, I didn't stop my Garmin when I fell! I was too in shock I think. The only time that mattered to me was the one on the digital clock as I fell over the line!

    I think "the Garmin" has to be first priority at all times lol!!


  • Hahahaha that's brilliant!

  • I'm flabbergasted someone was in your bathroom and prevented you from leaving for your run with your eyes in!! There should be a law against it!! ;)

    Just owning a Garmin makes you a runner, using it makes you an athlete :)

  • *without* not with your eyes

  • My Garmin, Garmin lead, ipod, earphones, cap, armband and running clothes all have their own special top drawer, as befits their status in my life ! :-)

    Hope you are feeling better.

  • laughing, not at the fall obviously :) heroic actions

  • Brilliant just brilliant blog, and you antics about rolling aorund after stopping the garmin made me laugh.

  • Lol - oh dear, hope you're ok now, and the Garmin is all pristine again! Fairplay to you though - I wouldn't make it down the stairs alive without my contact lenses in, let alone go for a run!! :D

  • ouch. you poor thing. is this something else on that list that will make you a "real" runner?? hope not :)

    hope you on the mend son Kate. X

  • sooooooooooooooon :)

  • Not that falling down is nice, but your blog really made me laugh! Priorities worthy of an action movie hero :-D

  • Seriously laughing here :)

    Ooooh, but that must of hurt, hope you don't bruise too much.

  • Haha glad both you and the Garmin are ok!! I wasn't running when I fell a few weeks ago but my first thought was - oh no will I still be able to run!!

    Funny how it gets us! :)

  • Lol - glad both you and the garmin came out unscathed :)

  • Ouch, glad you and the garmin are OK. However have to confess picturing you going to pause the garmin whilst rolling on the floor did make me laugh :)

  • Oh how I laughed, I'm sorry, I hope you're not to battered and bruised?!?, I dread falling over! As for priorities, yes, you have definitely got what is medically called "runners brain" . You stop thinking logically, All you can think about is running and how long and how many miles, Bruises......Pah!!!!

    Now on a serious note, Is the Garmin OK!??! ; )

  • It's a serious medical condition! :D

    Oh how I suffer...

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