Couch to 5K

Week 9 - Nearly there!!!!

well, week 8 is now done - and like so many people on week 8 run 3 I felt I could do a bit more so I kept running for 30 minutes , ran a bit faster for the last 3 minutes and before I knew it I had clocked up 5K in 39:44 minutes (including 10 minutes walking).

I now have a PB where before I did not even have a P ! Week 9 will definately be about trying ever so slightly to improve on this time and in 3 runs time I will graduate :)

never imagined I would get this far on the program :)

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Well done! Almost there, good luck for graduation week and improving that pb! :-)


thank you Poppy - hope you are getting on OK with the program well :)


Good for you! I'm at the same point as you in the program, finished W8 yesterday. Only three runs left!


thanks Sherbear - I guess we both have 2 runs left by now --- scarey isn't it ! good luck with your runs :)


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