Gone off the Boil

Have just graduated and have been out twice since. Still manage my 30 minutes (just) albeit at a fairly slow pace. But without the challenge feel rather deflated. What next? Although I have a race for life in 3 weeks and need to run for another 5 mins or so to get that sorted I'm not sure how to make it a challenge again. With Laura it was exciting. Now it's a bit of a chore. What do you all think?

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  • You need silky Steve ( Audiofuel) , he will definitely sort you out. It's great beats and helps you improve. It's on the C25k + and do that if you haven't already. Don't give up its just the beginning!

  • Where do you find Steve? I still have Laura on C25K+.

  • You can find silky Steve in the Internet ;)

  • iTunes... Audiofuel .. He's 8.99 per hour quite cheap!

  • How do I know which one it is? There are a fair few on there if I just type in Audiofuel.

  • It's run free the first hour 150- 165 BPM. Hope you find it- sorry I wasn't very clear was I!!!

  • Cheers. I will have a look. :-) Love Laura but I'm getting a bit bored now.

  • RIGHT! Found him; downloaded him and will be out with him on Sunday. Thanks so much. Really needed something else....lets hope silky Steve will be the answer!!

  • Excellent I think you will like him and his beats, good luck and happy running!

  • Are these the stepping stone, speed and stamina podcast??

  • They are done in conjunction with Audiofuel but then you can buy Audiofuel separately and that's when you get silky Steve instead of lovely Laura. He's a bit harder than her but does still encourage you.

  • He's hilarious on Pyramid 180 - "Steel yourself to go" and "Recover as best you can" "Walk if you need to"

  • 'You are officially in the long run zone' ... Can't wait for that one (after 1.5 hours)

  • please don't give up, you have come so far...have a look at the 'parkrun' page see if anything there takes your fancy and runners world do a C25K graduation t-shirt to wear with pride at your race for life (although think they only do red not pink!) Good luck with that too it is a really good day out and for a really good cause :-)

  • Thanks for that....now. got renewed vigour after yesterday's run when I completed my first 5k EVER!! Hooray...on we go!!

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