Couch to 5K

Week Three, Run Two


Just wanted to let you all know that today I went for my run with absolutely no problems. It was hard, because they always are and I was knackered, because I'm super-unfit- but I DID IT without stopping or moaning, once!

I realise this isn't too big a deal for a lot of people on here who have moved on to much harder, longer runs but I'm really proud of myself. At the beginning of this year I was a size 18, smoking, takeaway-loving student! Now, I'm a size 12, non-smoking, graduate (who gained a 2.2 despite a terrible mark in my dissertation and I got on to my MA!). Admittedly, I'm still loving takeaways- and chocolate- but I'm not eating them the second I get a craving anymore.

Speaking of which, has anyone found their cravings getting less and less prominent the further they get along the podcasts?

Anyway, as always I'll direct you to my proper blog, which tends to go into more detail:


And for any beginners reading this: If I can do it, you certainly can! :D

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Wow I don't know where to start on my congratulations.

I will be doing W3 R2 tomorrow


Cheers m'dears! I hope it went well for you :)


Well done on your weight loss. I am slogging away in hope of a slimmer me by the end of the year. So I love reading blogs like yours to remind me that it is doable.

I am now starting week 5 ....scary.....but kinda fun at the same time. I have also noticed that this running thing definitely has suppressed my cravings for food. I love that I can now go into the supermarket and ignore the chocolate bars and biscuits. I feel much more in control of my eating habits and don't feel the need to pick between meals anymore. My weight is slowly coming off and I am definitely feeling the benefits already,both physically and mentally. I re read the first blog that I posted on here when I started this programme. It made me a little sad as when i wrote it i really hated myself and my weight. But how things have changed in just 4 weeks ,my mindset is much more accepting of myself and my confidence is growing with each week . Good luck on your journey and congratulations.


I'm with you there- it's nice to know that it IS possible. When you catch yourself in the mirror, at your biggest, you feel like you'll never get anywhere, no matter how hard you try. And, worst of all, it really affects you mentally. But we're evidence that, that isn't true! And, hell, we're still doing laps around the ones sat on the couch, right?

I've found myself still eating out of boredom, or habit, but the cravings are going and I've noticed my arms are getting more definition in them, my legs are feeling stronger and my posture has improved. I'm still having a touch of trouble breathing but I think that's down to being an ex smoker as well as the pollen. This hayfever is driving me crazy (I mean c'mon! Even when it's raining?!)

I'm still scared of week 5 but I'm still gonna put my all into it. And well done to you for getting so far!


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