beautiful wonderful running....I am so glad I found you after all these years

beautiful wonderful running....I am so glad I found you after all these years

I knew I was definately going out there this morning for my long run..I missed it last Sunday due to a combination of laziness, hangover and family activities...

Here is the Juicyju list:

1. The lad and I got dropped off on the downs in Clifton....we started running and the sun was shining and there were other runners everywhere...we chatted about 'stuff' and just enjoyed the mum and lad bond we are so lucky to have...we kept looking at each other and smiling ( its definately love!!!)

2. Next was the Suspension Bridge..there is something about running on a major structure and looking down and seeeing water so far felt very empowering....

3. Then the parkrun beautiful, all white lines in the sky, deer and downhill...

4. Then disaster...the lad said 'my blister is really bad, my toes really hurt' right...we need to stop, I'm calling daddy..he didn't protest, daddy came and rescued him, and I decided to carry on.. we had done 6k which wasn't half way in our plan...advice sought from Face Book...thankyou guys!!!! I carried on...

5. I felt so alive, so in love with my running, my power, and my 'small goals' which is the method I apply when its hard or a hill, and it sooooo works. Loads of cyclists past me, and I always smiled ( the ones that didn't got the finger...sorry!)

6. I got to my 10 mile point, totally shattered but felt great...popped into SPAR for treats...Freddo frogs, buttons and dairy milk ( I didn't win)...

7. It was so sunny I have tan lines!!!!!

8. Lastly... I have just made 194 quid selling all the clothes that don't fit me... I have gone down 2 dress sizes since starting ( myfitnesspal)...

so all in all it was amazing, and the lad is fine, he needs new shoes, so we will go after Parkrun next Sat.

I so hope you have all had a good weekend of running...

The pic is from me and my sister doing the same run 2 weeks ago...( I am banned from posting any pics of Leon!!!)

Juicy ju


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  • Well done Julia! I look forward to when my kids are old enough to run with me, it sound so great! At the moment I get them both running on the spot with me (my daughter is 3yrs 6 months and my son will be 2 in Jan).

  • It is so good and I am so lucky that Leon still wants to run with me, especially as he's just turned 12... But start them early... I ran with my daughter on week 2 and she's 8...

  • Great post, matey. Glad Leon is OK (you've got a running star there) and that you finished 10 miles. I know that area a [very] little so I can sort-of envisage where you were & it's a lovely area.

  • Thanks Oldned... It was a beautiful run, we are so lucky.....

  • Running with family is a bit of a theme today. You can't beat it. And wasn't the South West blessed with a glorious morning. Happy running.

  • I know... Wasn't the weather just glorious!!!! We are so very lucky...

  • My oldest boy, now 21, started out with me a few years ago when I tried to take up running again. He was a great encouragement but then he got so fast I couldn't keep up. I am really proud though that he still running, almost every day several years later. I loved your post; middle boy is at Bristol Uni and I love visiting him there such a beautiful place.

  • That's so lovely... And I so hope that for my lad....Leon is very fast and at parkrun he zooms off!!!!! We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place!!

  • Really encouraging. I've only just started back out after about 6 weeks down. Reading this just confirms to me that I really want to do this. I've gone down to 15mins & am planning on increasing 10% each week so as not to aggravate the ankle. Do you hire your boy out? He sounds terrific.

  • well done you, thats great, just enjoy it...and go careful on the step at a time.....and thats so sweet, my boy is lovely, and he would run with anyone if he thought it would help!!!

  • Thanks. I'm taking it steady. Your son sounds more lovely by the minute. Sounds like a lovely relationship too.

  • Leon sounds like he should go into the entertainment biz - love the fact that he's banned pics of him on your posts!! hahah!!

    Am soooo jealous of your ten mile jaunts, but you are a TITAN amongst runners and we should all say - "All Hail to The Juicy Ju. A Goddess of distance running." You are simply....amaze balls.

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