Week 8 completed - dead end delivers PB

Well I woke up this morning and my immediate thought was, nooooooooo go back to sleep, you've promised yourself an extra rest day at some point, take it now. But ten minutes or so later I find myself dressed in my running gear starting my warmup walk. (zombie?)

Where has the old phil of three months ago gone, what has Laura done with him :-)

So new route, own music and off I go, I make myself not look at my watch, why do I think by looking at it after only one 3 min music track, that for some reason it's going to say well done half way, so first look at watch and I'd run for 18 1/2 minutes - result.

Enjoyable run this morning until I ran down the wrong road and it was a dead end (how would I know that this mistake would help me meet my goal later).

Also when I got to 28 minutes I thought I'll keep going to 30 mins, see if I get anywhere near 5k again. I had two choice straight on for flat or left for a hill up and over a railway line (we don't have any proper hills here) never having run up a hill before, I thought go for it, you've achieved today's running time so what have you got to lose, and I did it and it felt great, especially running down the other side :-)

Got home, obligatory stretches (they so help my knees and calves), shower and on to mapmyrun.com to put my route in including dead end mistake and WOOHOOOOOO 5.09K in 30, so pleased I went the wrong way now. First time I've done 5k in 30mins PB

Now I've got my fingers crossed that my Garmin forerunner 410 that I've treated myself to comes before Friday and the final countdown of W9R1- I couldn't wait any longer, promised myself one for graduating, but they were reduced and it would have been rude not too ;-)

Still 3 stone overweight, but that can be a goal for another day, month...just lovin the feeling of running. I still can't believe that it is me saying that!!!!


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11 Replies

  • Well done Phil72! I'm 5 weeks over your shoulder but following right behind. Keep on running!

  • Thanks, you have some fantastic runs on the way, enjoy :-)

  • Well done on the PB. I have just completed w8 r1, but it was a flatter route than usual so it went quite well. I normally have a choice of hills to use so I never hit a really good time when I run from home so I am quite jealous that you have the choice of using a hill if u want! Hope your garmin arrives in time for week 9, I use mapmyrun on my phone and it is nice to see what you have achieved as soon as you finish. Good luck for week 9!

  • Thanks, I am definitely pleased that any run done around here is flat, whenever I read about the hills on blogs I think "thank you for being flat"! Hope your enjoying the none stop running, I know I am.

  • Bloody hell - that's a great time! Well done, I'm about 2 minutes behind you! You'll love the garming, it's a great gadget although it turns me into a very nerdy anorak! ;-)

  • Oh no! I'm already enough of an anorak, I don't think I've been excited as much about getting something since I was a kid.

  • That is awesome! You've already met the target for C25K, a week early. You must feel very chuffed with yourself, rightly so. Hope the Garmin arrives for your final week of the plan.

  • Thanks, well chuffed, still waiting for postie :-(

  • Are you staying up all night waitin for the postie? Hope he/she delivers and you enjoy it!

  • No unfortunately I'm waiting for the little red card to say "whilst you were out we tried to deliver", then having to wait another sleep until I can go to the collection office :-(

  • Be patient Phil, today might be the day!

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