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Failed run - do I still have a rest day or try again tonight?

Week 7 Run 2 last night. Not good. I ran for 15 minutes and had to stop, had a pain of some sort above my stomach (possibly stitch)

Anyhow, I know we all have bad runs and I need to just put it behind me and carry on but I'm not sure does it count as a run and should I still take the rest day today? Or should I head out this evening and try the 25 mins again?

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Have you suffered from stitches before? If stitches are something that occurs more often on your runs, I would say you can give it another go tonight (but slowly with deep and steady breathing).

If you usually do not have problems with stitches, it might be a sign of your body that you need a rest and you should take your rest day as usual. I read that you ran on a fast day which might also be the reason for your pain. I do not fast (and never have done) but I could not imagine to go for a run without having eaten for the last 24 hours. I think I would feel dizzy and my body would tell me very soon to stop running.

This is just my opinion, I hope it helps you to find an answer to your question.

Happy running on your next run and do not worry too much about your "bad" run. You were out there for 15 minutes and, in my opinion, that's not too bad :)


Thanks nomoresloth, no I don't usually suffer with stitch, it happens the odd time but am usually able to slow the pace and breath it away, the pain last night was bad.

I've eaten plenty today ;-) Maybe I'll head out again this evening and give it another go!


A common cause of Stitch is Dehydration, so also make sure you stay well hydrated throughout the day before your evening run.

Good Luck!


what about if you run FIRST thing in the morning Olsbean? xxx


Same applies, you should not necessarily be dehydrated in the morning, but if you feel you are and you run very first thing then you could try drinking an Electrolyte Sports Drink/Supplement.


to run or not to run...... best advice is listen to your body..... even at week 7 this programme can still be quite a shock for the body and its easy for us to forget this...... if it feels right then its probably ok.......


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