Rest day still necessary?

I stil can't do 5K in 30 minutes, but I do sometimes feel like going out for a run on a rest day. Proper runners run every day - despite what Laura says I am not a proper runner, but I would like to run more than 3x a week. At what point does it become a good idea to do so? Should I wait until I can do the whole 5K? Or would going for a run more often improve my speed?

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  • My hubby runs whenever he feels like. When he has time he runs on consecutive days . Sometimes every day for a week. As I am quite injury prone, I am more cautious and religiously take my rest days. I really think its an individual thing, no right or wrong answer.

  • Hi boudicca! I've read loads of books on running both in English and Italian and unless you are a pro apparently running every day increases risk of injury unless you are really young. But then I suppose you know what's best for your body, everyone is different, Good luck!

  • Thanks - hadn't thought of the injury risk. And whilst I may be young in my head, my body is definitely over 60!

  • I think as you get older there is more likely the chance of injury through wear and tear so the rest day becomes more important. I have on the odd occasion run two days in a row but always take a day or two off afterwards, that is no running but would go to the gym for a class or do some swimming.

  • I was about to post a very similar question. Its repeated many times in the podcasts about taking rest days, and running on consecutive days which is great and I totally think its necessary when starting out but at what point can you start running on consecutive days?

    Now my wife & I are booking up some longer races (10ks & half marathons), I'm looking into training plans and all of them for that sort of distance require running 4-6 times a week, so presumably it's ok but I guess it's always down to listening to your body.

  • I've just finished the 5x50 and have run every day. I graduated March 2012 and had kept up running 2/3 times a week. Running every day for 50 days was fine .... looking back it was days 2 and 3 that felt really heavy legged and after that only one or 2 odd days were hard work. In some ways the running became easier as I became more used to it .... I've written elsewhere about the difference it made to my running times!

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