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13 days off - Week 8 Run 1

Okay so its been 13 days without running or jogging and completing Week 7. Hayfever and a trip to Ireland really being the cause however tonight I wanted to go back out there and try. After having so many days off I had lost confidence and didn't know what to do in terms of carrying on or repeating and if repeating how far back to go. So I decided to attempt R1 or Week 8 and I managed it. My boyfriend slightly pulled his hamstring on Saturday and is resting it so did not plan on joining me at the park however I asked him if he would come with me just as a support to help me along when needed and he did :D. I only kept to quarter of the park as my route this time so that if I needed a peep talk from him I wasn't too far away from reaching him. Anyhow I had tough moments and managed to keep going. Tonight I think was more of a mental challenge for me. When I got back I mapped my run and as I always say roughly did:

3.41 Km distance

28:00 mins duration

8:13 Avg Pace

263 kCal

I think this is good for me because Week 7 Run 2 I managed:

4.11 km Distance

25:00 mins Duration

6:05 Avg Pace

372 kCal

So I'm thinking its good to be feeling happy with myself. I knew I won't match what I did 15 days ago but I kept running/jogging for 28 mins. :D These are only rough as I don't have gps watch to calculate while on my run so on my route around the park I keep in mind how many laps etc and my finish point so that when I get home I can use 'mapmyrun' to give me an idea of the distance I'm achieving. So here's hoping I can completed run 2 on Wednesday. Again thanks for reading :D

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