Woahhh week 8 run 1

Well I did it. I picked a different route this time. Was very aware of a lot more people around but cracked on. I did 3 k in 28 mins. Not sure if that is good or bad but this is all about distance for me not time. I did enjoy it but I hate my new trainers. I bought some for flat feet and I can feel that bump in the arch of my foot at the side. They just feel like big and clumsy and uncomfortable

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  • Did you get the trainers fitted for you? Perhaps you could go back to the shop for advice about the lack of comfort.

  • well done on doing your run :) did you get your gait done when you got your trainers? would go back to the store .

    C25K is really more about the time and progressively running more ,each week building on the last :) distance etc can come later , you only have 5 more runs to graduation :D that is a great achievement in itself :D

  • Hi. No I didntget my gait tested. There isn't anywhere in Middlesbrough that does that . I stood on a machine that told me I was flat footed and to look for trainers colour coded blue which I did.

  • There is a "Sweat shop" in the metro centre , they are very good at gait analysis :D worth a visit

  • Oh right. Well I'm going to see how I go with these because I can't afford anymore but thanks... If I don't get used to them I may have no choice to pay them a visit

  • Ok hopefully they might settle in

  • Ok hopefully they might settle in

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