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B210K = runkeeper or Sam?

I have been following Runkeeper's B210K using my downloaded running music, but other than telling me when to start and stop, and the 5 minute and 1km prompts I have set up there is no encouragement as such, so I have been finding it hard to get my pace regular.

Tonight I worked out how to unzip Sam's B210K on my laptop and managed to get it onto my phone and working, have listened in a bit and it seems to be quite pacey music but lots of intervals. Runkeeper seems to be runs of varying distances with some speed intervals added on to some runs at the moment.

Should I stick with runkeeper as that's what I have started, or should I give Sam a go? I am aiming for a comfortable 8km for the Olympic park run in four weeks time (ran 9.5km today as I messed up my route, so think it will be fine!) but would like to be quicker! :-)

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I use free B210K downloaded from i tunes by Bluefin Inc.

it lets you know at 10 mins, 5 mins, 2 mins and 1 min left.

Also lets you know when your half way through your run.

I am on week 4 which is 3 x18 mins with one minute walk in between but I don't bother with the walk now.


Thanks, would seem odd to go back to intervals with walking now, runkeeper's seem to be all different runs , some have intervals after with quick then slow recovery runs. Think I'll carry on with that for now :-)


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