Anybody use Runkeeper "target pace" ??

I have mostly used Runkeeper to set running intervals and to report my pace and distance as I run. However I can see that it has a "target pace" as a goal whereby you tell it what pace you want to maintain and it tells you to "speed -up/slow down. I did try it once and thought at that time that it basically only told me what the distance/pace reports were already telling me.

However, now that I am running mostly non-stop runs , I am wondering if there is some advantage to using it in this format??

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  • Hi Bazza, I love the virtual pacer on my Garmin! I find it easier to keep on track of what I want to do. I don't know what difference there is between the Garmin and Runkeeper, but I find the beeps from mine stop me from keep on looking at my watch and give me a bit more of a continuous 'speedcheck' x :-)

  • I haven't used the "virtual pacer" yet on the Garmin (and there's a similar feature on MapMyRun) but I am tempted to turn it on for my upcoming race... set it to a "reasonable time" and that way I can see how far ahead/behind I might be...

    Let us know how you get on with it - I find I sometimes get distracted by timings... :)

  • Like you, I've only used it once, Bazza. The one feature of Runkeeper that I have found to be consistently erratic is the "current pace" feature. Since the target pace notifications must be based on the difference between current pace and the target pace selected, I concluded that it was not going to be particularly useful. It also means that you have to have the audio prompts set to a high frequency, which would frankly drive me mad. Target pace is a great training aid, if it is accurate. The ability to set a pace, that if achieved gives you a target time for your given distance, must be a simple way of nudging your pace upwards. At the moment I am exploring the joys of heart rate monitoring, which is giving me more than enough to think about.

  • I have used it but I find I work better looking at the actual and average pace on my app. The Wahoo app has a big display so it is easy to check quickly

  • I have never used it before but thank you Bazza for mentionning I think I will look into it now.

  • I used it today and I think it will be quite useful. I set it up to a certain number of minutes per klm and also set it to sound audio cues every 250 metres. It worked quite well - working over the top of a B210K podcast. Pacing myself is something that I have had difficulty with - and doing really slow runs also has been a bit difficult. I don't know how accurate it is in an absolute sense- all of these devices which work on calculating distances and speeds between consecutive GPS readings have an inherent inaccuracy in them which would depend on the App and phone used -- but in a relative sense, they can be worked with.

    This pace calculator tells me that, if I want to run a 6min per klm 5K race, then I need to do easy training runs of around 7:30 per K. and long runs around 8 mins per k. So, as I am using the B210K programme to take me out to 10K (which is LONG for me:), I am going to do all of the B210K running at 8 mins per K. Later, when I feel like it, I will wind it up to 7:30 mins per K plus some tempo and speed runs. But I have to establish a good aerobic base first - which I haven't yet got. :)

  • All the best of luck Bazza

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