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Diary of a C25K Runner - Week 6

Completed week 6 today which according to Laura means I am a runner !

Pretty pleased to have got this far and looking forward to next week and long runs from now.

I varied the pace to ensure I got to the end and managed to up it at the end plus carried on running a little into the 5 minute walk to see what next week might be like.

Bought some new running shoes so the running was more comfortable as I am no longer feeling every stone in the road.

Also bought some scales that calculate BMI (Big Munchies Index ?) as well as fat and water ratio so starting to treat this more scientifically although weight loss is not my motivation.

If you are on an earlier part of the plan, keep going and hope you enjoy it.

If you are on a later part of the plan, hope to be joining you soon.

Happy running.

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I just finished week 6 and found it tough. Worried about next week now... Any advice?


Varying my pace really helped me so you could try slowing it down to something more comfortable and then speed up when you feel able to.

Combining this with Lauras advice on breathing also helped a little.

Other bloggs have mentioned concentrating on something else to take your mind off any doubts about completing the run.

I think Laura mentioned completing a few runs again if you find it difficult so you might want to consider that. I guess it depends what made it tough ?

I found some of my harder runs were when I hadnt had enough sleep during the (working) week so have tried to get more rest.

Having said that I fell asleep for a couple of hours yesterday after finishing week 6...

Anyway, good luck with the next stage.


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