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Couch to 5K
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Benefits of C25K

....I managed a 1 mile swim today and yesturday at the Lido ( sorry to say my first love but the running is growing on me!) as given myself the 2 day break from running, and I would have struggled with that before. Its amazing how all this running increases the fitness levels to achieve more.

It feels like the first time in my life I have some control and feel empowered ( I wish I had done this when I was 40 but that was when I had my mid life crisis!!!).

The other benefit is that I am finally dieting, reallly due to not wanting to run the risk of damage to limbs from excess baggage for running! I have this amazing app called 'myfitnesspal' that works out your daily calories. Then if you exercise it gives you some back! I feel a fraud but I so hope it works.

So this next couple of weeks is going to be tough, 2 more W8 runs then the big week 9....I am so scared I won't make it but also so determind as there is no going back having got this far.

Thankyou everyone for all your amazing blogs they really keep me going and are inspirational!

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I used MyFitnessPal too and got to my target weight :-) I used it together with a FitBit pedometer and the apps talk to each other so you get credit in MyFitnessPal for the activity that your pedometer has recorded. I liked it!


wow that sounds great, and well done for getting to your target weight!!!!


Lots of votes on here for MFP, I'm at target weight but still using it to track.

Another benefit from the running. I loaded a trailer with a ton of horse poo, dug over a 200 square foot veg bed (full of really claggy mud), then shifted the horse poo from the trailer onto the veg bed. It took 3 hours and I was tired, but it was a good tired. (The first week I did it was after a 6.5k run, the second time was after no run, but there were 1 1/2 veg beds.)


wow, that is a lot of activity....and alot of poo!!!! Its great how it can make in impact in so many parts of our lives!


I'm using My Fitness Pal in conjunction with the C25K too!

Although I have only completed week 1 so far, I am optimistic that the dieting and regular exercise will help me to she'd a few pounds! And boy do I need to! Fed up with being fat and 40! They say life begins at 40, well I'm surely testing it out.

Im doing my runs on a treadmill in the gym at the moment but I hope to get more confident to be able to go out on the road.

Congratulations on you progress, sounds like you are doing really well.


YES life definately begins at 40 ( I am now 42.5) and happier in my skin. My mid life crisis messed me up a bit but I am so much stronger now. Now is our time eh!!

I think you will enjoy getting out and about. I started only running in the dark so no-one can see, but now I realised cars etc aren't really that bothered, I just zone them out. People that see me have been really encouraging...the butcher said he saw me, loved my orange sweatband and said I looked the part. I nearly fell over laughing ( ordeing my low fat fillet steaks). I think you will love it, and all the best for week 2, you are doing great XXX


Now is definitely our time!! :-) I know what you mean, my strength has a bit of a wobble sometimes, but I'm working at it!

Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration. I may well give running outside a go on my W2R3 later this week. W2R1 was sooooooo hard today. I actually felt a bit light headed at one point and everything aches now. Feeling a bit like I am at my limit now already but I will persevere! I will get fit and lose weight!! Xx


New book - The Diary of Juicyju aged 42.5, the running years -

Well done on the swimming - almost a triathlon!


Its never too late to take up exercise juicyju but the 40's is an excellent time to start. Your swimming will be a huge plus to your strength and stamina and will pay off before long with the running thrown in too.

I was one week off my 60th birthday when I started C25K and my running, I was asthmatic, over weight, had sat at a computer for about 8 hours 5 days a week. I had high BP, amongst other health problems. I'm now coming up to 63 this year, I'm correct weight, BMI spot on, BP 120/80 at last check, doctor says I'm as fit as a 30-40 year old. Oh I do hope this lasts but thats going to be up to me. I wish you all the luck with your fitness programme including of course C25K and your weight loss. :)


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