Couch to 5K

Graduation run planned for tomorrow....but a question?

I have got to 9/2 running around the farmer's fields but the grass is very long now ..and wet! So I have mapped out a run on the road of 5k. If I run at my normal 'speed' I will do about 3.2 k in 30 I try to push on and do the 5k which means that I would be running for nearly 50 mins which is a huge increase on what I have been doing? Do I stop after 30mins and cut back across the fields....

Any ideas most very welcome as always....

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We did the 30 mins of the podcast. Still not up to 5k, but have seen lots of others on here saying same thing. Graduation is 30 mins non stop. 5k can come with time. We are now building up distance, which I find easier with my own music.


I'd suggest sticking to 30 minutes, especially as running on a road when you've been used to fields may well feel quite a bit different. You might find your pace is different too (or that the same pace is less comfortable) so I wouldn't worry too much about how far you go. Deal with that later! You don't want to end up injured, and having to take a long break before your first postgrad run (it happens quite often).

Though if you're feeling ok, and decide to do a bit extra (which I confess I did) that's fine, if you don't feel as though you're pushing too hard.

Have a great grad run! :)


I would see how you feel, running on roads will be easier than the long grass you have been contending with. It will be more interesting too. So as you get to the 30 minutes mark, check how you feel and if you are good to keep on go for it. You may not manage the whole 5K but you will at least know for sure its that bit nearer your ability. All the very best for your Graduation run and very well done. That field must have become quite a boring route of late. :)


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