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W10 R1 - no sorry, first free post graduation run

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I put a bit of thought into this run, my first after graduation and another early morning run. I've never really liked solid running and am very pleased indeed that I managed 10 long consecutive runs on the programme, every other day. I was worried about that aspect, but it turned out fine. Anyway on my first "free" run I thought I would shake things up a little and go back to some intervals. 5 mins running, 3 mins walking seemed like a good idea, and was basically an extension of W5R1. So I called up the old podcast and planned to do 4 x 5 mins running with 3 mins walking in between (the podcast is only 3 x 5 mins running). In fact I ended up just doing the podcast again because I ran out of route! I forgot to add the little detours round side streets which I now need to do because I'm faster. I ended up doing only 22 mins, of which only 15 were actual running. With warm up and a short cool down I was already home.

I did enjoy it, I pushed myself on the 5 minute runs, which was the intention. The 22 mins were my fastest yet (still nowhere near 5k in 30 mins though) and I was quite exhilarated. And not tired at all.

And then the rebellious thoughts came during the day: "That was hardly a run, you only ran for 15 minutes. At the most you can only count 22 mins". Second thought "You're a graduate now, you don't have to stick to the rest days. As that was such a short run you could run on Friday as well". I'm tempted, but will see how I feel tomorrow after work. If I get out on time I might just do a long slow 5k jog to shake off the working week and get ready for the weekend.

Graduates can do what they want! And I certainly feel the urge to mix things up.

Actually I can't wait!

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You little rebel you! :)

What a great feeling though.. do what you want, when you want and how you want!

As for your 5K slow jog after work to shake off the working week...now you're just showing off:)

Seriously.. it is brilliant.. go you.. just be careful not to push yourself too hard in your natural exuberance!!! ( Okay.. yep, I am an old worrier! ! :)

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JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

You're right though, Oldfloss. And I know I need to be careful - many new graduates injure themselves soon after graduation. I don't want to be one of them. Strangely though my legs feel better than ever at the moment. There was a time on W7 where my knees were quite sore and I was a bit worried. But I think that's just old age and running seems to improve them at the moment!

As for being a show-off I'm just so glad none of you can actually see me run! I'm not a natural runner and I've tried before, many times, but never really succeeded. I WANT to run though. And before this programme I did a year of walking, 40 mins just about every morning and about the same every evening. That has certainly helped and explains why I had few problems with c25k.

I WANT to be that lean, tough 90 year-old woman who goes out every morning for her 5 km run, rain or shine. Someone who just runs. A few years to go until I'm 90 - but also a few runs to go until I just run, as naturally as I clean my teeth!

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Big-AndyGraduate in reply to JaySeeSkinny

Try a park run on Saturday, good fun and people of all running styles and paces. Just don't do what I did. I was stood waiting for the start and looked around me and selected a little old lady and decided to start with I would match her pace to see how things went. Anyway the whistle went and she shot off like a hare!!! Didn't see her again for about 10 minutes......

..... when she lapped me. Lol

Park run lesson 1, forget everyone else and go at your own pace. 😆

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JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to Big-Andy

That little old lady will be me in 10 years (I wish!).

I live in Germany and they haven't discovered park runs yet, which is a pity. They sound fun. German runs are serious stuff. German running clubs are also a serious business! So that's not an option yet!

Hi jayseeskinny,

glad you enjoyed your first free run since graduating. :)

I thought that the c25k+ 'speed' podcast was going to be intervals when i did that Monday.. (whisper....its fast intervals with slower intervals in between...not walking. There I've said it.)

Its only 20 mins of running though so over very quickly and I think will help to increase speed after a few goes.

Thought you might like to know in case you want to throw it into your mix. :)

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JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thanks, I'll look into that. Sounds like what I want. I was going to do those podcasts later, but might pull them forward.

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Being a graduate is about freedom! I have stuck to my 3 runs per week with rest days because I am still increasing my run time so guess I still need to rest. I learnt to my cost that pushing too hard can lead to potential injury, that results in no running at all! Just see how ur legs are on the run, how u recover and if possible, run on softer ground as much as possible! Julie

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JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to JoolieB1

Thanks Joolie, I think you're one of my "cautionary tales". I will take care as I know how horrible it is to be unable to get out. I've never had a serious injury, but a cold is bad enough and throws me off course for weeks - I'm not a nice person during those weeks!

I obviously like testing my limits though and am edging cautiously towards them.

Promise to be careful though! If I'm not fit it'll be a crap run anyway and that'll teach me!

Ooh, intervals! That was an exciting idea :) bet it felt good to just kick back and do what you fancied, must feel great to have increased your speed so much too, well done JaySee. Love that you're up for a slow 5k a day after, shows how far you've really come!

Was it hard to start running again after the walking breaks after these weeks of continuous? I think I'll probably need to go back to intervals at some point to work on my pace but I feel like I much prefer the long runs to the stop/start.

Have fun on your next run x

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JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to Running-scared

No, it wasn't particularly hard to do the walks. I really pushed myself so I was actually quite pleased when the 5 minutes were up. I find it difficult to slow down on a run and walking forces you! Another thing I have to work on! Still uncertain whether I will actually run this evening But if I don't I'm definitely going for a walk. A bit tired this morning due to more alcohol than planned yesterday evening - a spontaneous party to celebrate my son's birthday.

Decision will depend on whether I get out of work on time and the weather. It's glorious at the moment, I hope it stays that way!

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Hi JaySee, I tried the stepping stones podcast this morning which was interesting......this is intervals (without walking) you have to hit the ground to Laura's beat. Found I had to shorten my stride to keep up. I also introduced hills, and mud, oh and more mud and puddles. This combination definitely made for a challenge.

This new found freedom is great, enjoy playing and switching the podcasts around

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Ditto what oldfloss said just reign in a little and not over do it , gradual build up is the key I know how easy it is to overdo things in the excitement of graduating :)

Rest days are just as important post graduation :)

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JaySeeSkinnyGraduate in reply to Slow_Rob

Don't worry - common sense prevailed. I did 10k - but only walking. My Friday night hike back from work to ring in the weekend, clear my head and get some fresh air in one of the Munich parks. Loved it! A bit longer than usual as I headed off down some unknown streets and ended up a bit further away than expected. But I love doing that and I've always claimed you can't get lost in Munich, they aren't allowed to build tall buildings (with a few exceptions) so you can always orientate yourself using tall landmarks (churches, Olympic tower, BMW tower etc).

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