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W9R3 It's done!!!

When I started this I was looking for something I could do in the morning before work. I start at seven so joining the gym or swimming was no good, not open early enough and the thought of doing it once the little one is in bed is a no for me, I know I wouldn't have done it. It took me ages to actually start the program but once I did I kept it going. It's been good, sometimes not so good and often painful but I'm so glad I've done it, I definitely feel better for it.

I've not posted much on here but have checked most days for hints and tips and I say thanks to all who have posted, it's really helped me.

The concept of running for 30 mins seemed like a million miles away at the start but the program works and I've doe it. To anyone starting out or going through this I'd say trust the program, listen to Laura and you will do it.

For the next few weeks I'm going to stick to 30 mins three times a week, try to be a little faster and then onto c25k+.

So happy running to everyone and keep it going.


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Congratulations on completing the programme and graduating! You've achieved something really worthwhile. Best wishes for the next stage!


it's a fantastic feeling isn't it? Really well done for sticking with it through lots of early mornings. When you're ready the 5k+ runs are good - and having looked at most training plans since they all advise mixing it up with an easier run, an intervals run and longer one - which is what the podcasts will give you.

here's to lots of happy running


Congratulations! I graduated two weeks ago and it is a great feeling.Keep it up now and we will all be here to support each other!


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