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W4R1 - in the bag!

Well, of course I had been dreading stepping up to 5m runs, I thought I had reached my limits with last week's 3m runs. Decided to give it a go, and if necessary repeat until I could do it rather than hang about doing more week 3....... and I DID it! Was very surprised that I managed to keep going for all the runs. I listened to the lovely Laura and took her advice about pace - I was going very slowly, but I did keep going!

Am feeling newly enthused! Only 3 weeks ago I had to do my utmost to run for one minute - now I ran for a total of 18m, as Laura says, now spending more time running than walking! Yippeee.... maybe I can do this! Anybody reading this who ihas newly begun with the programme, have faith - you will amaze yourself, and that's a great feeling! :)

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I completed my W4R1 yesterday and I was in the same shoes as you :D

Well done and keep it going, I look forward to see you at the Week 9 finish line :)


"maybe I can do this" - absolutely yes, you can do this! Well done :-)


That sense of amazement at what you can achieve if you give it a go and follow the programme is such a great feeling - and each week you get it again! I started each new week with "I don't know if I'll manage this" and then did it. Best wishes for the rest of the programme - enjoy impressing yourself more and more!


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