On the road again

I haven't run sine 20th April, only a few weeks after graduating the C25k programme.

Those of you who remember me might remember that I have a tenuous relationship with sanity. A few days after my last run, the butter slipped of my noodles in a big way.

Two months on, I seem to have restored a degree of normality and its time to get back out there, but I'm scared. How do I do this? How do I restart? Anyone have any experience of restarting after a 2 month gap?


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13 Replies

  • You probably haven't lost that much fitness. When I started back after injury after a 4 week break I aimed my first run to be about 20 mins to see how i'd fare. then I increased by 5 mins each run after that until I was running 30 mins again. All I can say is get out there and see how you do, but set your self a realistic goal. Welcome back and good luck.

  • As above. Also you're not the only one whose noodles lose their butter. I hope your recovery lasts AGES!!

  • As above. Also you're not the only one whose noodles lose their butter. I hope your recovery lasts AGES!!

  • I'm sorry to hear of your troubles, i have a very dear close friend who suffers from BP and refers to the dark cloud being overhead, horrible for you both and many others. Your on the Up so good luck with your running. Just get out there with either Laura or some of your own music and see what happens. Dont put any pressures on yourself just run and enjoy it for a few days and see how it goes. Alternate with run/walk if you need to. Good luck.

  • I had a month out due to injury and was scared I'd trigger it off again so my first few runs were a few minutes gentle jogging/walking for about 15 mins. Do what feels right, don't push , let your confidence return. As comments above say you won't have lost all your fitness, it won't be like starting from scratch. Best wishes to you, I really admire your honesty and determination! :-)

  • Welcome back - glad you're ready to get back out there. I've always thought wk5 would be a good place if I hadn't run for a few weeks. If the first couple don't go so well can always go back to W4 and I am sure once you are going the distance will come back quickly. Actually thought of you whilst running the other day as recalled your comment about just going out for 2 miles (I must have been struggling at the time) - so you know you can more than do it. Don't start on a warm humid day - it's a killer. Good luck.

  • I think the above answers the question, go and have a go with no expectations and adjust from there. Good to see you back, take care.

  • Thank you everyone. I knew coming back here would help. Think of me tomorrow as I'll probably be out there :-)

  • Hi earl grey Sian. Glad you're feeling better. I had 12 weeks out earlier this year with a knee injury. Like you I was scared about restarting. Anyway I went back and did week 1 once and then week 2 once and worked like that til I found a level were I felt I needed to do all 3 sessions for that week. I think it was week 4. I've regraduated and running regularly now but I'm pleased I didn't rush my return. My advice is take it steady and just give it a go. Good luck.

    Viki :-)

  • good luck tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you on my run...and well done you for getting back in again. Aim for small achievements and take it steady


  • Hey there! great to see you again and all the best, Delia

  • Hi EGS - sorry for the late response here, but I have been away and moved house and (insert other excuse here) so I've been away from the forum for a while. It's great to see you back again and I'm glad a degree of normality has been resumed - whatever normality may be :)

    I hope you've managed to get out there again and that your run went well. I've only been off the programme for the month of June, but I'm going to get out there soon (!) and just aim for 20 minutes. If I can do more, great, but if not, that'll do to start with. Take care,

    annie x

  • Hi Annie. Yes I did it. In fact I've done it twice. 12 minutes running, 3 walking and 9 running both times. I'm going again later, will try for R15, W3, R15 today. We'll see. Good luck with yours too, Siân

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